How to Make and Use The BYU Solar Cooker/Cooler

Complete instructions for making a very simple Solar Oven can be found at the link below. Have fun!

Searching Beyond Google

Most Web searching uses just a few providers. But according to technology writer Erik Sherman, there is a vast territory in the "invisible Web" that refers to databases connected to the Internet but not available for indexing by popular search engines, each with its own search capability.


UK Soil Association: We must grow our own food

Monty Don is the new president of the Soil Association. In a recent lecture in London, he said he was appointed because of his passionate belief that everyone can reconnect to nature through gardening and growing. The skills, knowledge and resources of British gardeners can transform, rebuild and stabilize our food systems and our society, he insisted. It’s about food security, an entire cultural approach to food that can harness horticultural skills as a serious part of our national food supply and integrate into our whole approach to life.

Scientists Create World’s Most Efficient Solar Cells

Scientists at the University of New South Wales have set a new world record by creating the first silicon solar cell to achieve 25% efficiency.

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