I live without cash – and I manage just fine

Armed with a caravan, solar laptop and toothpaste made from washed-up cuttlefish bones, Mark Boyle gave up using cash. In six years of studying economics, not once did I hear the word "ecology". So if it hadn't have been for the chance purchase of a video called Gandhi in the final term of my degree, I'd probably have ended up earning a fine living in a very respectable job persuading Indian farmers to go GM, or something useful like that. The little chap in the loincloth taught me one huge lesson – to be the change I wanted to see in the world. Trouble was, I had no idea back then what that change was.


Better Tomatoes Via a Fertiliser of...Human Urine?

Apparently, human urine works remarkably well as a fertilizer for tomatoes, according to a new study out of Finland.
Plants fertilized with a mixture of stored human urine and wood ash produced 4.2 times more fruit than plants without the pee, the study found. The urine-fertilized tomatoes had more beta-carotene than unfertilized ones, and much more protein than traditionally fertilized plants.

And the tomatoes were just as good as those grown with traditional fertilizer, according to a panel of 20 brave tasters.


Would You Live in an Earthquake-Resistant Home Made From Straw and Hemp?

You might not think that a straw house could be better insulated than one made of, say, brick, but that's exactly what researchers at the University of Bath in the U.K. intend to prove with the BaleHaus, a home constructed from straw bale and hemp cladding panels. The home, which has been in the works since 2007, theoretically won't need any conventional heating elements because of the high insulating properties of straw.


Sustainable Development: Less Is More for the Modern Day Wage Slave

The basic tenets of conservatism were sound before it was turned into a rabid fundamentalist religion. Everyone wants clean air, water and good food and that has nothing to do with governments or its policies.
Most people believed in a common sense approach when it came to their world until the beginnings of the industrial revolution. There were many who believed that the world was developing too quickly, having too many children and the earth resources would dry up completely. It was a craze like no other. In the late 1960’s and early 70’s that craze turned into a mass consciousness called environmentalism.

French Air Car Coming To America

While most car companies are focused on bringing electric vehicles to the market, one French startup is working on a production car powered by compressed air and a small conventional engine.

Zero Pollution Motors is planning on bringing their compressed air car to U.S. roads by early 2011.

ZPM Chief Executive Shiva Vencat said the ultimate goal is to have the vehicle provide the fuel equivalent of 100 miles per gallon with tailpipe emissions of nothing but air when the car is operated at low speeds. The price tag is expected to be between $18,000 and $20,000.

Indian Engineering Students Create Air-Powered Motorcycle

A year ago, an air-powered moped was discovered that was built using carbon fiber tanks originally intended for firefighting use.

Now a team of engineering students from India have just finished an exceptional compressed air-powered motorcycle using a small 100 cc motorcycle as a starting point.

To check pollution levels in the atmosphere, they have designed a working model of a motorcycle that runs on air and not gasoline. This green bike can boost the purity of the air as it emits nothing but Oxygen.


Stop Poisoning Bees

Press Release: Green Party (NZ)

4 May 2009

Stop poisoning Bees

Pesticides could decimate New Zealand's bee population unless the Government takes action, Green MP Sue Kedgley said today.

"Bees are vital to our economy, our horticulture, our agriculture and our ecology," Ms Kedgley said. "We depend on them for about one third of our food, through their role as pollinators."

Bee Week (May 4-8) was the ideal time for the Government to protect honey bees, according to Ms Kedgley: "The government should follow the European Union's lead and phase out pesticides that are highly toxic to bees. This action would protect us from the mass deaths that have occurred in other parts of the world."

Alert to shoppers: Forget the price, feel the weight

FOOD MANUFACTURERS are downsizing their products rather than putting prices up, in a marketing ploy that has left some consumers feeling duped.

Consumer New Zealand says it has fielded a steady stream of complaints from shoppers who have bought items at the supermarket only to get home and discover the manufacturers have apparently disguised cost increases by reducing the pack size while keeping the price the same.

How To Easily Download And Save Youtube And Other Videos From The Internet

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A declaration of separation

==== To The Governments & People of Earth: ====
We claim the right to exist, and we will defend it.

We do not seek to overthrow anything. We do not seek to control anything. We merely wish to be left alone.

All we ever wanted was to live in peace with our friends and neighbors. For a long, long time we bore insults to our liberty; we took blows, we did what we could to avoid injury and we worked through the system to get the offenses to stop. That has now changed.

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