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Alien Base Discovered In Tycho Crater, Numerous Structures Seen In NASA Photo

“This is an alien made structure discovered on our moon this week by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He has the link in the info below his video so I checked it out and the above photos are from the original NASA link. There is a large part of the structure that is suspended above the ground and part of it goes down to the ground in a staircase shaped building. It is built into the side of the mountain.
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From UFOs to 'tsunami bomb': NZ archive secrets revealed

WELLINGTON — A new book has revealed rare historical gems buried in New Zealand's national archives, including a bizarre WWII plan to create a "tsunami bomb" and military files detailing supposed UFO sightings.

Author Ray Waru said he wrote "Secrets and Treasures" to highlight the material publicly available at Archives New Zealand in Wellington -- where almost 100 kilometres (62 miles) of shelf space is crammed with historical artefacts.

"It was totally overwhelming at the beginning," he told AFP.
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Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks 15 Dec 2012 Over New Zealand

Press Release: Royal Astronomical Society Observing the Geminids in December. Chart showing the sky surrounding the radiant of the Geminids. The Geminid Meteor shower is one of the most active of the year, sometimes surpassed only by the Perseids in intensity.

The shower peaks on the morning of 15 December in New Zealand. The Geminids don't seem to have a sharp peak like the Leonids, and observations can be made for a week either side of the peak.

At it's height, the Geminids have a zenith hourly rate of about 80 meteors per hour. So, if for you the radiant was at the zenith, and you could observe the whole sky at once, you might expect to see 80 meteors an hour.

2013: The Year of the Comets

Astronomers have discovered two new comets that are fast approaching our planet and have the potential to be Great Comets. One might be "bright enough to be seen in the day" and the other is projected to become "one of the brightest in history" and possibly "outshine the Moon".

The first comet, named C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), is expected to make its arrival in March 2013. According to astronomers, it will be "potentially visible to the naked eye low in the western horizon just after sunset" and also has the "potential that it may be visible during the day."
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Secret Space War: You Are Not Allowed To Know

(Huge but great read) You are NOT allowed to KNOW anything for sure about this Secret Space War because these facts are deeply and narrowly compartment-ed under “Beyond Black” National Security Classifications (Aka NATO Cosmic Top Secret). Only a very small number of folks have received these security classifications and it is these folks alone that have access to these very narrow compartments based on an absolute “need to know” only.


Will a Secret Private Manned Mission to the Moon Be Announced This Week?

Internet rumors have been swirling for several weeks of a secret venture backed by private entrepreneurs that would return people to the moon’s surface. It seems that the veil will finally be lifted this week, during a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 6.

“The Golden Spike Company invites you to attend a game-changing announcement about the future of commercial human space travel to the Moon,” reads the announcement for the media briefing. ”Executives from the company will describe the team, the mission architecture, and the business model.”

Underground Bases And The NWO

Phil Schneider, a very brave man, recently lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys and U.S. intelligence and military forces at Dulce underground base.

In May 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man’s final acts should not go unnoticed.

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USA Plans Full Weaponisation Of Space By 2020

US moves above battleship warfare
By Alfred W McCoy: It's 2025 and an American "triple canopy" of advanced surveillance and armed drones fills the heavens from the lower- to the exo-atmosphere. A wonder of the modern age, it can deliver its weaponry anywhere on the planet with staggering speed, knock out an enemy's satellite communications system, or follow individuals biometrically for great distances.

Along with the country's advanced cyberwar capacity, it's also the most sophisticated militarized information system ever created and an insurance policy for US global dominion deep into the 21st century. It's the future as the Pentagon imagines it; it is under development; and Americans know nothing about it.

Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver

DENVER – It’s a mile high mystery in the skies over Denver.

Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it.

We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver.

He said, “The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week.” The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear.

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