False Flags Fluttering in the Empire's Hot Air

When I think of the recent developments in the USA (Dallas shooting, Orlando shooting) and Europe (Nice, murdered priest, Germany shooting) I get this unpleasant feeling that something is not quite right. For one thing, the perpetrators are absolutely ridiculous: pseudo-Muslims who turn out to be drinking homosexuals, ex-patients of mental institutions – the kind of people I call “overnight Muslims”: they all make darn sure to say Allahu Akbar a number of times, but other than that, they have no sign of Islam at all. In fact, far from being trained Daesh fighters, they are all losers with weak personalities. Exactly the kind of people the special services (and religious sects) like to prey upon because they are weak and easy to manipulate.
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Day After ‘Clinton Cash’ Film’s Ericsson Revelations Go Worldwide, CEO Steps Down

Just one day after the global premiere of Clinton Cash, Hans Westberg, the embattled CEO and president of telecoms company Ericsson, stepped down as the head of the Swedish wireless equipment maker.

Though the telecom giant’s announcement to remove Westberg is not confirmed as a direct result of the film’s online popularity, the company’s timing is an odd coincidence.
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Pentagon revises manual to clarify protections of journalism

The Pentagon has revised its Law of War guidelines to remove wording that could permit U.S. military commanders to treat war correspondents as "unprivileged belligerents" if they think the journalists are sympathizing or cooperating with enemy forces.

The amended manual, published on Friday, also drops wording that equated journalism with spying.
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Flashback: NATO ally Turkey caught planning a false flag attack to justify war with Syria

The voices of the illegal recording believed to belong to Davutoğlu, National Intelligence Organization (MİT) Hakan Fidan, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, and Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Gürel. According to the information obtained from sources, the recording consists of a chat between four officials in Davutoğlu’s office before the commencement of the official meeting with the participation of more civil and military bureaucrats in another room at the Foreign Ministry.
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Corbyn: UK Needs Review of US Ties After ‘Illegal’ Iraq Invasion

The UK must pursue a “more open and more independent relationship” with the US in order to avoid repeating the errors of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Following the release of the long-awaited Chilcot report, Jeremy Corbyn savaged Britain’s involvement in the military intervention, describing it “an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext,” which had “devastated Iraq’s infrastructure and society” and unleashed “lethal sectarianism within the country.”
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Shocking new report: Bombing people causes people to hate you

You better sit down for this one because it will blow your mind. You are probably aware that we on a global quest to rid the world of Evil, one smart-bomb at a time. Yet, for some strange reason, every place that we bomb Evil into oblivion seems to become more messed up than before. You would think that our humanitarian mass killing would make the world a better place, but for some reason it never seems to happen.
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U.K. Court, in David Miranda Case, Rules Terrorism Act Violates Fundamental Rights of Free Press

A BRITISH APPEALS COURT has ruled that the United Kingdom’s broad counterterrorism laws breach fundamental rights in a case involving the seizure of encrypted documents from David Miranda, the partner of Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald, at a London airport in 2013.

Miranda was detained and interrogated for nine hours at Heathrow Airport in August 2013 while he was assisting Greenwald’s reporting on documents about government mass surveillance leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.
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The entire ‘war on terror’ has been a lie – and these charts prove it

We were told long ago that the “war on terror” would make the world a safer place. But after 14 years of permanent warfare, terrorist attacks around the world have escalated by a staggering 6,500%.

If it’s objective was to end terrorism, the “war on terror” has abjectly failed. Since it was launched in 2001, terror attacks – and the number of people killed by them – have sky-rocketed:
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'Global War on Terror' Coincides with Dramatic Increase of Terrorism

In 2014, the number of lives lost to terrorism around the world increased by 80 percent, the highest level ever. The majority of such terrorist activity occurred in the largest refugee-producing nations, a Global Terrorism Index (GTI) showed.

The GTI, developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), comprehensively studies the patterns and impacts of terrorism globally.

The 2015 GTI, released on 17 Nov, has recorded the rise in terrorism, with a nine-fold increase in terrorism-related deaths since 2000. In total, 32,658 people were killed in terrorist attacks in 67 countries in 2014.
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