Glenn Beck - One World Currency Is The Desired Outcome

One world currency? Have you gone batshit crazy???????? A currency for the whole world is utter madness.

Lehmans Missing $400 Billion Now An Anti Semitic Conspiracy Theory

'A new anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has been spreading online over the last few days, claiming that on the eve of Lehman Brothers' collapse last month, the firm transferred $400 billion to Israel. The theory, which comes in the form of a news report, has already been distributed on dozens of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sites. It alleges that senior Jewish officials at the Lehman Brothers investment bank passed their clients' money on to three Israeli banks, with the intention of then escaping to Israel to enjoy the take without fear of extradition.'

Brown condemns Iceland over banks

UK citizens lose money in their savings accounts held by the Icelandic bank Landsbanki.

Iceland Bankrupt ?

The recent financial carnage is causing mayhem around the world.

Iceland suspends stock trading, creates new bank

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