EU clamps down on Bitcoin, anonymous payments to curb terrorism funding

Hot on the heels of demonising encryption (which NONE of the so called terrorists were using) in the wake of the Paris attacks the focus has shifted to cryptocurrencies as the next evil that needs to be killed. The banking mafia and governments worldwide fear Bitcoin and the freedom it offers to the slave classes. Banks and governments have little to zero control over a persons money if they use Bitcoin. The government cannot just reach into or shut down your Bitcoin wallet like they can your bank account. This literally terrifies them and they will be pulling every corrupt filthy trick in the book to try and squash Bitcoin as it poses a huge threat to their totalitarian control system.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for economic sanctions against banks and countries funding Isis

The UK should be more proactive about imposing sanctions on banks and countries suspected of funding or supporting the militant group Isis, the leader of the Labour party has said.

Jeremy Corbyn told David Cameron to push for an economic crackdown with the rest of the European Union, claiming the terror group was being provided with “vital infrastructure”.

“Surely a crucial way to help defeat Isil is to cut off its funding, its supply of arms, and its trade,” he said at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

HOMELAND IN-SECURITY: Rise Of The Global Police State

"HOMELAND IN-SECURITY: Rise Of The Global Police State" is nearly 3 hours long, and covers a wide range of topics that effect our daily lives when dealing with those who seek to claim authority over us, so be prepared to set aside some viewing time

The big US banks own 5 vacant homes for every homeless person

There are more than five times as many vacant homes in the U.S. as there are homeless people, according to Amnesty International USA. Since 2007, banks have shuttered about 8 million American houses, almost doubling the previous number, while 3.5 million homeless shiver in the cold. Experts expect 8 million to 10 million more foreclosures in the years ahead.

ISIL Financed by 40 Countries, Including G20 Member States - Putin

Putin said at the G20 summit that Russia has presented examples of terrorism financing by individual businessmen from 40 countries, including from member states of the G20.

"I provided examples related to our data on the financing of Islamic State units by natural persons in various countries. The financing comes from 40 countries, as we established, including some G20 members," Putin told reporters following the summit.

The fight against terrorism was a key topic at the summit, according to the Russian leader.

"This topic (the war on the terror) was crucial. Especially after the Paris tragedy, we all understand that the means of financing terrorism should be severed," the Russian president said.

ALL Icelanders receive money after government takes over ownership of bank

Every Icelander will receive about US$232,802 for the sale of one of the country’s three largest banks, Islandsbanki.

Creditors of the failed bank proposed the nationalisation of Islandsbanki, in which they hold a majority stake. The move will help Iceland lift capital controls imposed after the 2008 financial meltdown and will give Icelanders a fair share of the failed bank’s sale.

Nugan Hand bank mystery: Michael Hand found living in the United States

Over the years, the two words Nugan Hand became shorthand for drug-dealing, gun-running, organised crime and clandestine intelligence activities.

But nobody has been convicted. Governments, security and espionage agencies ran dead or appeared to look the other way. Many men associated with the bank's affairs in Australia, the US and Asia have died early or in mysterious circumstances.

A Swiss group has collected the 100,000 signatures necessary to require a national referendum on requiring banks to hold 100% reserves

In a nut shell, the proposal extends the Swiss Federation’s existing exclusive right to create coins and notes, to also include deposits. With the full power of new money creation exclusively in the hands of the Swiss National Bank, the commercial banks would no longer have the power to create money through lending. The Swiss National Bank’s primary role becomes the management of the money supply relative to the productive economy, while the decision concerning how new money is introduced debt free into the economy would reside with the government.

How on earth did Australia's banks understate investor housing loans by $50 billion?

What does it say about policy that we now have a situation where landlord loans make up 40 per cent - 40 per cent! - of all outstanding residential mortgages?

These are just some of the questions that arise from the revelations today by Reserve Bank deputy Governor Philip Lowe.

The new estimate of the investor loans apparently came as lenders took a closer look at their books after the bank regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), increased scrutiny, as it tried to get the banks to rein in investor credit growth.

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