TEPCO Admits Fukushima Is Leaking Again - Over 600x 'Safe' Radiation Levels

Having killed a robot by underestimating the level of radiation present in the Fukushima power plant, and after delaying its previous admission of a leak, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has quickly admitted that the nuclear plant has sprung another leak. As EFE reports, a small quantity of radioactive water has leaked from a storage tank with 70 microsieverts per hour of beta-ray-emitting radioactivity detected on the surface where the water had leaked, far exceeding the recommended maximum exposure of 0.11 microsieverts per hour. But apart from that it's "contained."
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Two Major Biotech Companies May Soon Merge into ‘Mega Monsanto’

What would you get when you combine 2 of the largest chemical-biotech-seed companies on the planet? We may just find out soon enough, as biotech juggernaut Monsanto is reportedly looking to take over another big player in the biotech field, Syngenta. The merge would likely result in the further monopolization of the food supply – with GMOs and chemical pesticides at the crux.
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Retailers encouraged to sell cancer-causing chemicals in annual 'Pimp up Your Roundup' contest

As if it's not bad enough that stores sell Monsanto's Roundup in the first place, there's actually a contest in place in the UK called "Pimp up Your Roundup." As the saying goes, you can't make this stuff up. Let's REALLY draw attention to something that contains cancer-causing chemicals like glyphosate, and better yet, let's give it a name that uses a very fitting word for Monsanto and the monstrosities they push on people: pimp.

The contest encourages independent retailers to "go the extra mile to create the most inventive and eye catching Roundup displays." According to the contest's promoter, Roundup UK, whoever wins will receive displays that can house the product.
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Bigger, better bedbugs bite back with a vengeance

The more you learn about bedbugs, the less you’ll like the idea of finding them beneath your duvet. They inject saliva into your bloodstream, which acts as an anti-coagulant. Their bites can become infected, resulting in itchy red welts and sometimes blisters. After they’ve feasted on your blood, they like to engage in rough and tumble sex (not with you, fortunately). Once you’ve got them, it’s very hard to get rid of them. They adapt their mealtimes to your bedtimes. If you work nights, they do the day shift. If you work nine to five, they feed at night. They can trigger asthma and anaphylactic shocks. Psychological effects range from insomnia to suicide. The only good news is, they don’t seem to carry any known diseases — yet.
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Ken Ring: When and where is the next big NZ earthquake?

It is a matter of public knowledge in NZ that my tweets of 7 September 2010 and 13 February 2011 attempted to warn 6 months and then a week in advance of the next Christchurch earthquakes to come, so that people might ready themselves for them. I am doing the same now, 5 months beforehand. I am suggesting the date of 28-29 September 2015 as an important earthquake risk window.

As to where, one always looks to find a solar/lunar cycle at a location. It may therefore be of relevance that a close look at Central NZ’s (Marlborough to Wairarapa) seismic history reveals that above-7mag shakes have occurred on these dates; February 1893, August 1904, August 1917, July 1929, August 1942, May 1968, and May 1992. These have been separated by intervals of 11-13 and 24-26 years, which is the regularity of the solar cycle.
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What Happened to all the Sardines in the Pacific?

A sardine fishery on the Pacific is an iconic endeavor, like corn farming in Iowa, shrimping in Louisiana or cod fishing in New England. But like any of those, it has had severe ups and downs in the past century, documented most famously in Cannery Row, written by John Steinbeck and set in Monterey. The collapse of the sardine stocks in the 1950s rebounded by the 1990s, but new environmental challenges have led to a dramatic turn this year: both the current and the upcoming sardine seasons in Washington, Oregon and California are being shut down.

Due to an almost absurd collapse in the numbers of sardines, last week, officials officially canceled the next sardine season, which was set to begin July 1. Sardine fishermen have licenses to fish in particular stretches of the calendar; the current season goes until June 30. But the AP reports that the NOAA has also officially shut down the current season. All the sardines that’ll be caught this summer have already been caught.

What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

Two days ago, I reported on a scandal occurring in the Monsanto vs. Maui court case:

Namely, heavily redacted documents, which Monsanto has offered to the court in defense of its position that it should be allowed to continue toxic pesticide and GMO experiments in Maui County.

Federal Judge, Susan Oki Mollway, who will decide the case, has read the full unredacted versions of these Monsanto documents—but the lawyers representing the people of Maui have not. And they can’t. The blacked-out information is off-limits to them.
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Monsanto knew of glyphosate / cancer link 35 years ago

According to evidence unearthed from the archives of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States, it has been established that Monsanto was fully aware of the potential of glyphosate to cause cancer in mammals as long ago as 1981.

Recently the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) issued a statement in which glyphosate (the main component of Roundup herbicide) was classified as "probably carcinogenic" to humans and as "sufficiently demonstrated" for genotoxicity in animals (1). This announcement of a change to toxicity class 2A was given vast coverage in the global media, causing Monsanto to move immediately into damage limitation mode.
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Fears over Roundup herbicide residues prompt private testing

U.S. consumer groups, scientists and food companies are testing substances ranging from breakfast cereal to breast milk for residues of the world's most widely used herbicide on rising concerns over its possible links to disease.

The focus is on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. Testing has increased in the last two years, but scientists say requests spiked after a World Health Organization research unit said last month it was classifying glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans."
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NASA Puzzled By Massive Methane Cloud Above Miles of Fracking Wells

News broke early morning April 9, 2015 that a giant cloud of methane has been detected over Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico near the Four Corners region where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico meet.

NASA + NOAA , as well as several other organizations are puzzled about the source of the methane.. blaming natural causes, and coal operations?

Maybe they don't have access to Google Earth, which might explain why they don't know the "cause" of the giant methane cloud.


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