Even those readers from around the world may have noticed that Britain has been rocked by the paedophile revelations regarding Jimmy Savile, the former disc jockey and procurer of children for the rich and famous - and what has followed in relation to Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of the Conservative or 'Tory' Party at the time of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

There is information coming from all directions and it can be very confusing for those who have not followed this unfolding story stage by stage. I have been on this case since the 1990s and I'll put the pieces together to make sense of it.

Justin Bieber: My Owl Tattoo Has a Secret Meaning that Nobody Needs to Know

At a Victoria's Secret red carpet event, Justin Bieber said the new owl tattoo on his forearm has a secret meaning that other people don't need to know about. Video by Mark Dice.

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Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy

While the attention of most Americans was focused on whatever trivia dished out from the mainstream media such as the current hot celebrity or the David Petraeus incident, it appears that the Bilderberg Group has arranged what some have described as an impromptu meeting in Rome, Italy.

Yet, although much of the European press is dark on the issue, which is unfortunately characteristic of the mainstream media in any nation, some Italian newspapers are reporting the information regarding the meeting.

According to 21stCenturyWire, the agenda apparently centered around the fate of EU countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, three nations that have been hit hard with the worldwide derivatives crisis and the subsequent imposition of austerity.

Bohemian Grove Photo Album

A collection of rare photos from Bohemian Grove. This is an amazing collection.

'Loyal Friend' of Prince Charles arrested on suspicion of child sex offences

Detectives investigating complaints of sexual abuse in the Church of England have arrested a retired bishop on suspicion of eight sexual offences against eight boys and young men ranging in age from 12 to early 20s.

Officers from the Sussex police serious crime directorate involved in a six-month investigation into historic allegations at the diocese of Chichester arrested the Rt Rev Peter Ball, former bishop of Lewes and later bishop of Gloucester, on Tuesday morning at his home address near Landport, Somerset.

Ball is thought to be the most senior figure in the church to be arrested in connection with a sex abuse investigation. The bishop, now 80, has connections to Prince Charles, whom he has described in the past as "a loyal friend".

Possible Bubbles of Space-time Curvature in the South Pacific

Cornell University Library: In 1928, the late Francis Wayland Thurston published a scandalous manuscript in purport of warning the world of a global conspiracy of occultists. Among the documents he gathered to support his thesis was the personal account of a sailor by the name of Gustaf Johansen, describing an encounter with an extraordinary island. Johansen`s descriptions of his adventures upon the island are fantastic, and are often considered the most enigmatic (and therefore the highlight) of Thurston`s collection of documents.

The Turning Point - Full Film, Bilderberg Group Expose'

Press For Truth Presents: The Turning Point
You have been selected to attend the 60th Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31 - June 3, 2012. This conference brings together leaders of business, economics, media, finance, politics and military in a forum which will allow for open and off the record discussions of current events and global issues.
I must stress that this meeting is SECRET and by invitation only. We operate under Chatham House Rules, meaning you are not permitted to discuss anything that is said during the conference to members of the media or otherwise.

Will Ferrell Bohemian Grove Symbolism In Get Out And Vote Video.

Press For Truth Presents: "The Turning Point" (Official Trailer) The Bilderberg Group Exposed

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Elite Romney fundraisers party under Cayman Islands flag

TAMPA, Fla. -- Elite fundraisers for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign kicked off the second full day of the Republican convention aboard a luxury yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

ABC News reported on the Wednesday morning reception aboard the Cracker Bay, a 147-foot yacht owned by Florida real estate baron H. Gary Morse. It was described as an exclusive event for those who had raised at least $1 million for the campaign. According to ABC, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was scheduled to speak and Romney family members, including the candidate’s brother Scott, were in attendance.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-romney-fundraisers-party-gop-...

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