TVNZ’s Sunday Program Covers Chemtrails

By Clare Swinney

Sunday: Conspiracy Inc. -Forget what you accept as fact because the truth, it seems, is not as you know it.

TV One‘s prime time Sunday program covered the issue of chemtrails on July the 4th.

A Sunday show with correspondent Ian Sinclair, produced by Stephen Butler called Conspiracy Inc, addressed the role of the alternative media in New Zealand and delved into topics rarely canvassed by the mainstream media, including that of chemtrails.

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New Video: Chemtrails, Radiowave-beam technology, aka HAARP & Fibers

This was filmed in Whangarei in June, 2010. It includes a series of interviews with Whangarei locals, shot outside the public library on June the 14th, followed by a video recording from the 12th of June of chemtrails over Whangarei.

That day the sky was loaded up with particulate matter and then wave formations were seen throughout the material. The question is why? Is HAARP technology being used? And if it is, why?

The following is from The Military's Pandora's Box by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning at

Saturday June 19th 11AM The Radio Premiere of What in the World Are They Spraying DVD

Tune into KPFK 90.7FM this Friday June 18th at 4:00PM PT for the Los Angeles Radio Premiere of

I think this equates to 11am NZ Time Saturday the 19th. I hope I got my calculations correct. -CS



Will Ryan Of Nelson's Clear Skies Action Group Met With Environment Minister And Discussed Chemtrails

Will Ryan of Nelson’s Clear Skies Action Group had a meeting with Environment Minister, Hon Nick Smith on the 12th of June, 2010 to discuss the aerosols, also known as chemtrails, which are being sprayed over their region.

Offers Mr Ryan: “I went to see Dr Nick Smith, Minister of the Environment in Nelson on Saturday, and passed on a lot of photos of the Nelson sky recently, a copy of the Whangarei Why Is Aluminium in the Rainwater? DVD, [1] plus a lot of other supporting information on the chemtrails issue. It was about a half-hour meeting. It went very well. He was open to getting more info and said he would watch the DVD. I also gave him Aerosol Crimes [2] to watch, so I am hoping he will make it an issue in Parliament soon.”

Long Fibers Seen Floating Through The Air In Whangarei, NZ Today

Two of us witnessed what looked like a steady stream of polymer fibers floating through the air today, from the suburb of Woodhill in Whangarei, NZ. I have seen them on a number of occasions this year in the same area. Virtually every time I look for them now when the sun is behind them and the weather is fine, I see them. These photos were taken between 2.00pm and 3pm, looking towards the Western Hills Reserve from Kirikiri Rd.
To see photos of the fibers seen, please link here:

Angels wanted To Help With New Documentary On Geo-Engineering & Chemtrails

By G Edward Griffin

New Video: Why Is Aluminium In The Rainwater? Geo-engineering & Chemtrails in Whangarei

It is amazing how few people notice what is going on in a major part of their environment! This film was made in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand in April-May 2010 in order to draw people's attention to what is going on in their skies. A series of interviews with locals is presented to show how oblivious the majority of people are to what is going on.
There is also an interview with 90-year-old Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, who does know what is going on. She suggested we start a chemtrail watch group in the region.

While the government denies chemtrailing is occurring, there are blatant attempts being made by the mainstream media to condition the public to it. Why are they trying to hide the truth? Is geo-engineering really genocidal-engineering?

Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed: Barium & Aluminium Found in Whangarei Rainwater

By Clare Swinney

The smell of chemicals, the presence of chemtrails, aerosol material seen being sprayed from aircraft, distinctive wave patterns in clouds, man-made clouds, days of persistently cloudy skies without rain, plus the advent of strangely light rain, now seem to be the norm in Whangarei, while last year, they were virtually unknown to the region. Yet in spite of this drastic change to the environment, the drought and seemingly obvious evidence of weather manipulation, many still find it hard to believe that this form of secret warfare could be in play. If it not on TV, they don’t believe it could be happening.

Geo-engineering & Chemtrails: Dr Kevin Barrett Interviews Journalist Michael Murphy

In 4 parts at YouTube. Do scientific tests prove that someone is dumping massive quantities of toxins, including aluminium and barium into our atmosphere...and could this be the result of a secret, criminal geo-engineering project?
Author and educator, Dr Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad Radio, who is one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror, turned his attention to chemtrails and geo-engineering on the 17th of April, 2010 and interviewed journalist and documentary maker, Michael Murphy of Truth Media Productions.
They discussed a range of pivotal issues, including the evidence that shows geo-engineering is causing great harm to eco-systems and the mainstream media's failure to inform the public of this matter.

Part 1

Forecast: Toxic Rain In Northland NZ, Thanks To Chemtrails & The Technology of Death

A massive amount of particulate matter was again added to the Whangarei sky on April the 12th, 2010. This new video by Jim Reece and I shows some of what was seen.
The question is why are the people in control of this destructive operation continuing to add more, and more and more? What is their real agenda? Is this a technology of death because the elite want to reduce the world population by 80%? [1].

This video includes a discussion with Dr Bill Deagle, Dane Wigington and Dr Mike Castle from the Nutrimedical Report of January the 5th, 2010. They address a range of issues, including that this “geo-engineering” is intended to cause drought and a resultant famine, for the sake of the New World Order elite and their diabolical agenda.

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