Michael Murphy & G Edward Griffin on Coast to Coast on Oct 12, 7 pm (NZT)

Michael J. Murphy and G. Edward Griffin will be guests on Coast to Coast Tuesday, October 12 from 7 PM to 10 PM (NZT) to discuss chemtrails and their documentary "What in the World are They Spraying?". Please tune in!

Michael J. Murphy

MUST SEE: New Trailer For ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ Includes Nick Smith, NZ Minister For The Environment

The new trailer for the soon to be released documentary about chemtrails, titled 'What In The World Are They Spraying?' was e-mailed today from the filmmaker, Michael Murphy, who wrote: “Please watch, share and spread this 1:25 video.” It includes a clip of Dr Nick Smith, the Minister for the Environment, talking about chemtrails in the New Zealand parliament on June the 15, 2010 in regard to Will Ryan’s petition, which was launched in Nelson, against chemtrailing this year.

Watch it here:

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Michael J. Murphy

Chemtrails & Disinformation - A New Zealand Perspective

This 3-minute long video includes a segment from episode 40 of James Corbett’s show entitled: ‘Silent weapons for quiet wars.’ One of the weapons spoken about is chemtrails and another significant one that goes unnoticed too often, is propaganda, or disinformation.

This video sets out to address the topic of disinformation that surrounds the chemtrail issue, from a New Zealand perspective.

For the rest of this episode from The Corbett Report, please link here:

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Watch the video here:

Freeman’s Comments About The Use Of The Barium & Aluminium In Chemtrails

New World Order researcher Freeman of The Freeman Perspective, spoke about his theories of what chemtrails are used for during the Truth Frequency Radio show, with Chris Geo and Sheree on August the 30th, 2010.
Download the program from here:

The statements in question were made from 1 hour and 5 minutes into the show.

He was asked what he thought the chemtrail program was for and replied that in the first Gulf War, barium was being fed to the insurgents and chemtrails were used to feed it to them, as this enabled them to be tracked.

New Video: Chemtrails/Geoengineering & Coloured Clouds Over Whangarei, NZ

I took most of the video footage shown in this new video on the 12th of August. One of the primary messages to be drawn from this is that the sky is being loaded up with so much particulate matter, it will be impacting significantly on people's vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D myths, facts and statistics

Obama's Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Guns, Free Speech

Aerosols Sprayed From Aircraft Seen Forming Cloud-Like Material Over Whangarei On July 30

There was a rather obvious chemtrail seen over Whangarei yesterday afternoon, which was filmed over a period of about half-an-hour. It was seen turning into cloud-like material.

It was not on a passenger plane route. It appeared to run about parallel with Maunu Road and went over the Parahaki monument. It also had a significant bend in it at the Woodhill area, indicating that it was unlikely to be from commercial traffic.
See the video of it here:

James Corbett Interviews Veteran Chemtrail Researcher, William Thomas

Interview #201 - Will Thomas
Date/Duration: 2010/07/23 / 47:25
Description: Veteran chemtrail researcher Will Thomas joins us to discuss the toxic substances that are being sprayed in our skies and the possible reasons behind them.

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The Corbett Report: Geoengineering and You

The Corbett Report is pleased to announce the release of the latest podcast episode, which is now available
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Geoengineering and You

As the band of eugenicists attain
riches and power, they are moving
their geoengineering agenda further
into the open. From space mirrors
and iron dumping to cloud creation
and persistent contrails, billions
are being spent on altering our planet.
Join us this week on The Corbett Report
as we find out what is happening
in our skies.

Also, don't forget to watch this
special video edition of the podcast
on our YouTube channel and spread
the link around to others who may
be interested:

Chemtrails & Wave Formations Over Whangarei, NZ On July 11, 2010.

From: JimReeceWhangarei | 12 July 2010
Watch here:

This was made to record some of what was seen on July the 11th 2010, when the sky above Whangarei appeared to be being loaded up with man-made material in which wave formations developed.

This film shows a plane spraying a chemtrail and the trail 2 minutes later, forming cloud-like material. More filming was done at about 5.17 pm, when the sky in the Tikipunga region appeared to be being hit by radio-wave-beaming technology - numerous wave formations were seen, indicating that HAARP-technology is being used. Refer: for more information on HAARP and watch Episode 1 of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, which is YouTube here:

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