Let's play God: The scientific experiments that might save the world (or destroy it...)

At the end of August, a ragtag group of "chemtrails" protesters met outside Downing Street, wielding placards with pictures of dirty skies and slogans such as, "Our weather is being engineered." They believe the government began manipulating the climate years ago, through plane-exhaust trails. But the fear of conspiracy theorists such as these is shared on a more rational level by scientists as much as environmental activists, for reasons that stretch back to the Vietnam War.

Why has geoengineering been legitimised by the IPCC?

This morning's publication of the IPCC's summary for policymakers tells a familiar and gloomy story of the science of climate change. The big surprise is the decision to mention the controversial idea of geoengineering.

Russia urges UN climate report to include geoengineering

The Russian government is asking for 'planet hacking' to be included in the climate science report, leaked documents show. Russia is pushing for next week's landmark UN climate science report to include support for controversial technologies to geoengineer the planet's climate, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.
As climate scientists prepare to gather for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Stockholm to present the most authoritative state of climate science to date, it has emerged the Russian government is asking for "planet hacking" to be included in the report. The IPCC has not included geoengineering in its major assessments before.

WHO in the World is Spraying? - Trailer

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Ex-Military Bio–Enviro–Engineer: Chemtrails Are Real

Years of research into Geoengineering among scholars and scientists has proven the technology of Geoengineering to be an inexpensive technique to offset Climate Change, and the programs are ready for mainstream media. The introduction of Geoengineering to the public is now taking place in mainstream media.

U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects

The United Nations should impose a moratorium on "geo-engineering" projects such as artificial volcanoes and vast cloud-seeding schemes to fight climate change, green groups say, fearing they could harm nature and mankind. The risks were too great because the impacts of manipulating nature on a vast scale were not fully known, the groups said at a major U.N. meeting in Japan aimed at combating increasing losses of plant and animal species.

Envoys from nearly 200 countries are gathered in Nagoya, Japan, to agree targets to fight the destruction of forests, rivers and coral reefs that provide resources and services central to livelihoods and economies.

NASA rocket to paint the sky red, tune in tonight starting at 4:30PM ET (video)

Decades ago, NASA would frequently light up the night sky with chemical trails as part of its measurements of upper atmosphere behavior. While those moments are increasingly rare, we'll get a rare chance to enjoy one of them this evening. The agency's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia is launching a suborbital rocket that will generate (and test) a pair of trails of red-tinted lithium as it flies above Eastern US coastline -- trails bright enough that large parts of the seaboard may get a first-hand look as the rocket gains altitude. If you fall outside of that range, don't fret. NASA will stream the whole affair starting from 4:30PM Eastern, with a hoped-for takeoff over an hour later.

Indonesia begins 'cloud seeding' in Jakarta

Army releases tonnes of salt into the atmosphere in preventive measure to avoid further flooding in the capital.
The Indonesian capital is still cleaning up in the aftermath of last week's floods.

With more heavy rain expected, the city is going to great lengths to try and stay dry. The army has been deployed, armed with tonnes of salt to hold the rain at bay. Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reports from Jakarta.

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