James Fox Reports on Media Blackout in Gulf Oil Spill

According to documentary film maker, James Fox, reporting from Louisiana, there is a massive media black out being perpetrated in the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill. While that much may have seemed obvious to many, James says that people with cameras are being threatened with arrest, and locals are seriously afraid to talk. The place is swarming with both government officials and corporate officials, and by the sounds of this interview it's a pretty scary situation.

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New Zealand Thought Police Request Censorship Review of Drug Law Reform Magazine

Three issues of a New Zealand magazine which promotes the reform of marijuana laws have been sent to the office of film and literature classification.

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Muslims warn South Park after Mohammed joke

Trey Parker and Matt Stone warned of grisly death after depicting Mohammed in a bear suit.

A US Muslim website has warned the creators of South Park they face death after once again depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed in an episode last week.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone celebrated the 200th episode of South Park with a storyline in which the actor Tom Cruise launches a class lawsuit against the animation’s townsfolk, uniting every celebrity that has ever been insulted by the cartoon.

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Anonymous targets Australian government over porn filters

The Australian government found itself victim of a cyberattack on Wednesday morning as a protest against the government's plan to begin filtering certain types of pornography from being accessed online. The attack was carried out by the group Anonymous (yes, that Anonymous) as part of "Operation: Titstorm," an effort to push back on Australia for including a plethora of perfectly legal content as part of its Internet filtering initiative. Two government sites were taken down temporarily, and officials have (unsurprisingly) condemned the attacks.

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Alex Jones TV: Chinese-Style Censorship of Infowars.com by Asia Netcom!

In this 5 part video at Youtube, Alex Jones, documentary maker and radio show host at Infowars.com, speaks about the Chinese-Style Censorship of Infowars.com by Asia Netcom in New Zealand.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Frightening Taste Of Internet Censorship As Major Free Speech Websites Blocked

This article by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.com, refers to the internet censorship that occurred in New Zealand from Friday evening until Monday afternoon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

With influential proponents recently calling for a newly regulated world wide web, we got a preview of how that might look this past weekend after both Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com were completely blocked to many Internet users in New Zealand.

The block was only removed early this morning following a raft of complaints after both websites were unavailable on many ISP’s since Friday.

As the New Zealand based InfoNews website reported yesterday, both of Alex Jones’ flagship websites were blocked by ISPs using Asia Netcom for their international internet traffic.

Internet Censorship In New Zealand: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom

Has Chinese-style internet censorship arrived in New Zealand this year? The question is posed because two major news websites, Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com, both of which are run by documentary maker and radio show host Alex Jones, who is renowned for exposing the truths the corporate-controlled mainstream media attempts to conceal, were found to be have been selectively blocked on Friday evening and still unavailable at the time of writing.

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Sonny Bono Assassinated By Hitmen

SONNY Bono, former husband and singing partner of superstar Cher, was clubbed to death by hitmen on the orders of drug and weapons dealers who feared he was going to expose them, a former FBI agent claims.

Ted Gunderson, now a private investigator, has told the US Globe tabloid that Bono, who served as mayor of Palm Springs for four years, did not die after hitting a tree on a Nevada ski slope in January 1998 as everyone believed.

"It's nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree. There's zero evidence in this autopsy report... to show such an accident happened. Instead, there's powerful proof he was assassinated.

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