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Large Anti Israel Protest In New York


By Christopher Everard: Surprisingly, the UN Security Council has called for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, as Palestinian deaths continue to mount... The 'rockets' fired from the Palestinian side have been shown to be nothing more than sophisticated home-made fireworks - not that you would ever learn that from the BBC. Photos of these 'rockets' published by Wikipedia show a ramshackle bunch of pipsqueak rockets with very short range.

Stand with Palestine! Rally Against Israel's Brutality in Gaza: JUL 18 WELLINGTON

WHEN: Friday 18th July, 12.30pm - 1.30pm
WHERE: Embassy of Israel - Baileys Building, 36 Brandon Street (off Lambton Quay), Wellington

Rally against the ongoing assault on Palestine and the Palestinian people, including the killing of Palestinians (including 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, murdered brutally by Israeli settlers), the bombing of Gaza, the mass arrests of over 600, and the raids, attacks, tear-gassing, invasions and closure that Palestinians are being subjected to.

Initiated by Students for Justice in Palestine: Victoria University of Wellington and the International Socialist Organisation, NZ

Bloodthirsty Apartheid State of Israel to 'resist international pressure' over Gaza

Israel will resist foreign pressure to halt its operations against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

He said Israel had attacked more than 1,000 targets there since Tuesday, and was using twice the force it used during a similar operation in 2012.

Palestinian officials say at least 121 people have died in the air strikes.

UN doubts legality of Israeli air campaign

Israel's air campaign in Gaza may violate international laws prohibiting the targeting of civilians, the U.N.'s top human rights official said Friday.

Navi Pillay, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, said the Israeli military, which claims to have hit more than 1,100 targets that it says are mostly rocket-launching sites, and the Gaza militants, who have fired more than 550 rockets against Israel, must abide by international law.

Picture showing Israelis cheering missile strikes on Gaza goes viral

A picture posted on Twitter by Danish journalist showing Israeli citizens sitting on a hilltop and cheering the Palestinian territory of Gaza being bombed has gone viral on social media.

ABC News tells viewers that scenes of destruction in Gaza are in Israel

More than fifty Palestinians have been killed and another 450 wounded since Monday in Israel’s ongoing assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” by the Israeli army.

As usual, mainstream media outlets are straining to paint Israel as the victim, defending its people against irrational Palestinian rocket fire.

World Cup fans killed in Gaza as bomb hits cafe

Nine people were killed and 15 wounded as football fans were bombed when watching the World Cup semi-final in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian football fans gathered in a café in Gaza last night to watch the World Cup semi-final between Argentina and Holland, in a bid to seek respite from the barrage of airstrikes that have killed scores of people since Operation Protective Edge began early on Monday morning.

There was to be no let-up in Israel’s bombing campaign, however, as horror struck and missiles rained down on the Fun Time Beach café killing nine people and wounding 15.

Israel’s message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die

The Kerry initiative may have ended with a whimper instead of a bang, but its impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was significant and fundamental nonetheless. The end of the political process, futile as it may have been, triggered the collapse of the status quo as we have known it for the past 47 years. It set in motion a series of events that will confront us with two stark alternatives regarding Israel and Palestine: either the permanent warehousing of an entire population or the emergence of a single democratic state.

Kill a Palestinian “every hour,” says new Israeli Facebook page

More than 16,000 Israelis have joined a Facebook page that calls for the murder of a Palestinian every hour until three missing Israeli settler teens are located. The page is titled “Until the boys are back, every hour we shoot a terrorist.”

The page was launched as the Israeli army continued violent raids, curfews and closures across the occupied West Bank and shot dead Ahmad Sabarin, a Palestinian youth.

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