(NZ) Police spy sues for mental pain

A former police informant who spied on protest groups is planning to sue police for the consequences of his decade of deception. Rob Gilchrist was outed in December 2008 after his girlfriend, animal rights and Labour activist Rochelle Rees, stumbled across police emails when he asked her to fix his computer.

Gilchrist, now in his mid-40s, was a member of many of the groups on which he reported to police. He has since suffered from depression and says his life has been threatened.

"He says, ‘Because of all this I have become mentally ill'," his lawyer Tony Ellis said in the High Court at Wellington.

LA Policeman Goes On Shooting Spree Killing Other Cops, Say's He Is Victim Of Internal Conspiracy, Releases Manifesto

Fired LAPD Officer Shoots 3 Fellow Cops Killing One-Release’s Manifesto Exposing Corruption
If you’re in Southern Cali.. here’s whats jumping off this morning.. Right now in LA there is a police officer named Christopher Jordan Dorner who is accused of killing 2 people. They were a couple, one a college basketball coach and the other the daughter of a man who repped him when he was fired from LAPD..He is believed to have shot 3 officers killing one and has threatened to return and do more major damage..He’s accused of killing a Riverside police officer.. He is on the run as they have an all out manhunt …

(UK) Shocking 62% rise in police officers being investigated for corruption...

Record numbers of police officers are being investigated for corruption, a report into police integrity has found. Anti-corruption units across the country are wrestling with a workload of 245 cases every month – a rise of 62 per cent from the year before.

Most of the investigations – eight out of ten – involve officers accused of illegally disclosing information to criminals and third parties.

The remainder relate to other serious allegations of corruption, including bribery.
The findings have been released by the Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) which completed a year-long inquiry last week.


LEAK: NZ Cops Brag About Bashing TPP Protesters – U.S. Embassy “Happy”

This week the NZ corporate media, in concert with the NZ police, put forward a young female protester as a scapegoat for the repeated violence demonstrated by officers & security guards at the December 8 TPPA Shutdown protest at Sky City, in Auckland.

The combined protest movements of It’s Our Future, Occupy New Zealand, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale and Socialist Aotearoa, among others, were depicted as violent, framed as volatile and dangerous and falsely accused of wanton assaults on police officers.

Tasers have killed at least 500 Americans

The Taser, the non-lethal law enforcement weapon that is meant to incapacitate criminals without causing great harm, has killed at least 500 people last decade. The real number of casualties might be even higher. In the period between 2001 and early 2012, the stun-gun Taser devices used by law enforcement across America have claimed the lives of 500 people.

Amnesty International, the worldwide advocacy group that condemns torture and human rights violations, delivered the news this week with a report released Wednesday. In it, they reveal that the recent death of a Georgia man who died as a result of a Taser blast puts the body count brought on by the device at 500 in barely a decades’ time.

Caught on Camera: 10 Shockingly Violent Police Assaults on Occupy Protesters

Probably 97 percent of police act professionally toward protesters. But the other 3 percent are armed and dangerous, and know that they're unlikely to be held accountable.

Occupations across the country have born the brunt of some violent police tactics, and in a world where everyone has a camera-phone, a lot of their brutish behavior has been caught in photographs and on video.


New Zealand Police Repeatedly Entered Private Property Without Legal Authority

Police repeatedly entered private Tuhoe land without legal authority to plant cameras to record what is alleged to have been military-style training camps in the Ureweras.

They continued the secret filming long after it became obvious that the violent seizure of land that was feared was not in immediate prospect, a Supreme Court judgement that is now able to be published says.


Under Occupation Toronto G20 - Documentary

Recently screened at the openUReyes free film nights, this is a fantastic documentary. Please watch this film and forward it to your networks.

Under Occupation: Toronto G20 Operation is an educational documentary that shows, in chronological order, the events that transpired over the G20 weekend in Toronto, Canada. While the mainstream media repeatedly broadcast images of burning police cars and broken windows, the cameras on the ground captured a far more terrifying story. Eyewitness video footage and firsthand accounts featured in this film tell a horrific tale of police brutality, mass arrests, secret laws and outrageous violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Motorcyclist wins taping case against state police

Harford County Circuit Court judge ruled this afternoon that a motorcyclist who was arrested for videotaping his traffic stop by a Maryland State Trooper was within his rights to record the confrontation. Judge Emory A Pitt Jr. tossed all the charges filed against Anthony Graber, leaving only speeding and other traffic violations,

Full story here

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