Why the European Union is fundamentally fascist

We are living in the age of the New Totalitarians. Almost all the so called ‘leaders’ of the member states of the Europe Union are in thrall to the Corporatist Ideology of the architects of the New World Order.

Obama will face an unexpected test within the first six months of his presidency.

Colin Powell Warns Of Coming Crisis “We Don’t Even Know About Right Now”
Colin Powell has made bizarre comments that echo the recent declaration by Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden that there will be an “international crisis” early into Barack Obama’s presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions.

Albright Agrees with Biden: Obama Will Face Unexpected Test

Famous Freemasons Exposed

Very interesting little e-book with some great pictures of masonic handsigns.

Nation’s Power Elite at Play is no Pretty Picture

THE MEN ARE shown with sex toys around their necks, doing skits in blackface, dressed in wigs and women’s clothing and consuming copious quantities of alcoholic beverages.
Are these the boys-will-be-boys antics of the wildest frat house on some college campus?
Nope, it’s the American power elite at play, as photographed by Alejandro Tomas over 26 years of attending an annual horse ride called Rancheros Visitadores

Ohio Elections Official Calls Machines Flawed

The voting systems used in Ohio have critical flaws that could undermine the integrity of the 2008 general election, a report commissioned by the state’s top elections official has found.

The Georgia Guidestones

Located in Elberton, GA, and also called the American Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones literally spell out in stone the doctrine of the fledgling New World Order in 8 languages. After careful examination, are these words you are willing to subject yourself and loved ones to?

Rumors of Martial Law; Troops deployed inside U.S.A.; Conflict & Revolution

There's the potential for huge trouble on the horizon inside America. Let me lay some groundwork to explain it to you, then tell you why we don't have to worry.

No opt-out of filtered Internet (Australia)

Australians will be unable to opt-out of the government's pending Internet content filtering scheme, and will instead be placed on a watered-down blacklist, experts say.

Aldous Huxley's Mind Control and Depopulation Interview (youtube)

A three part interview with Aldous Huxley. Apply what he is saying to what we are currently seeing in today's world.

The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Govt

Fantastic article!
Brilliantly put-together. Frightening but gives hope that awareness is the undoing of the problem - the problem being like a cancer that has metastasized.

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