Government Cover-ups, Spin and Lies, Another Day Under the John Key Lead National Government

A damning report by an education watchdog about babies and toddlers was partially rewritten after high-level meetings about its "risk" to the Government.

Documents show Ministry of Education advisers also tried to mitigate the impact of the Education Review Office report by planting good-news stories to balance negative media coverage, and carefully crafting a communications "narrative" during "war-room" meetings before its release.
SEE ALSO: National MP busted 'trying to use taxpayer money for political campaigning'
AND: John Key believes he can get away with anything

TPPA - Stand Up! WELLINGTON: March on Parliament Nov 14th 2015

WHEN: Saturday 14th Nov at 1pm
WHERE: Midland Park 155 Lambton Quay, Wellington,

There are no NZ Born Rapists or Child Molesters in Australian Concentration Camp

Even though John Key wanted the entire country to believe that most of the NZ born detainees were rapists and sex offenders and accused the opposition parties of supporting rapists.

I guess we should add this onto the very long list of John Keys lies. I left that list lying around somewhere on here...
No Kiwi rapists or murderers on Christmas Island:

More deeply embarrassing headlines in the international media thanks to our liar Prime Minister John Key:
New Zealand female MPs thrown out of parliament after disclosing sexual assaults:

Andrew Little Goes on the Attack

Ignoring the whole NWO sock puppet 'A' & NWO sock puppet 'B' false left/right paradigm thing. I enjoyed this.

David Carter will go Down in History as the Worst Speaker in New Zealand Parliament History Ever

I have run out of swear words and insults to describe the people in our current government and also for the guy they put in the speakers seat. It is a sorry state of affairs. The best I can do now is stay calm and patiently wait for the people of this country to feel the burn of the damage done by the John Key lead National government and turf them out. New Zealand tends not to vote new governments into parliament, mainly we angrily vote arrogant corrupt governments out. I live in hope that the next government of New Zealand will be a bit less vile than the current one.

John Key the Waitress Molester Labels Opposition 'Rapist Supporters' Over New Zealanders Held in Australian Detention Centers

This is the same John Key whose government cut funding to New Zealand's Rape Crisis Support Service.
Govt funding cuts reduce rape crisis support hours:

TPP Text Reveals Broad New Powers to Attack Food Safety, Food Labeling Laws

Today, the Obama administration released the long-secret text of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal that would weaken consumer protections, undermine U.S. food safety standards and prevent commonsense food labeling. The language included in the TPP is more aggressive than previous trade deals and provides broad new powers for other countries and foreign corporations to challenge U.S. food safety and food labeling measures.

“The TPP will increase the volume of imported and potentially risky foods coming into the United States, but tie the hands of the border inspectors who are the last line of defense between the shipper and the supermarket,” said Hauter. “The TPP gives companies new powers to second guess inspectors and push uninspected food onto the market.”

ACTION BRIEFING: 2015 Weapons Conference Wellington NZ

Monday, 16 November 6pm
17 Tory Street
Peace Action Wellington is holding a briefing for people who are planning to be part of the community action to stop the weapons conference on Tuesday 17 November. We encourage everyone who is able to come, even if you attended this past weekend’s training session. If you are not able to come to the briefing, and you have questions, please feel free to email us:

Wellington City Council 'Smart City' Surveillance Network Progresses

Mayor Celia Wade Brown is pushing the agenda 21/Smart Cities New World Order agenda of mass interconnected surveillance of the public more and more. She is overseeing the roll-out of mass surveillance technology across the Wellington region.

Not only can big brother see you, he will soon be able hear and smell you too. Plans are underway to bring sophisticated Orwellian technology to the streets of Wellington in an effort to beef up safety.

Cuba St is currently the testbed for a series of cameras with sensors that can detect screaming, smell paint fumes from graffiti and sense people in groups who may end up in fights. The "Living Lab" sensor technology, which is used in Spain and Singapore, will be the first in this country and could spread to other centres if successful. Queenstown has already shown interest in the project.

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