Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : TPP ("trade deals") & the New World Order

Dr. Roberts shares with us his analysis of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and other so-called "trade deals" such as TTIP and TiSA, and raises the question as to whether we are seeing, in these developments, the dawn of the New World Order.

How to cast an informal vote in the flag change referendum

Prime Minister John Key wants to change New Zealand's flag. This is a vanity project for Key. It is him wanting to make an historical mark on the country so that when he is booted out of government or retires and moves back to America he can say "I was the guy who changed the flag". We cannot let him achieve this. We can change the flag once the country is rid of him and he is back in America.

The image above shows how to cast an INFORMAL VOTE. Your informal vote will count and if enough people do this to their voting papers the John Keys plan to make his mark on NZ history by changing the flag will be munted.

Corrupt Liar John Key Won't Rule Out NZ Sending Ground Troops to Iraq

Radio Live News just tweeted "John Key won't rule out NZ sending ground troops to Iraq. Speculation is mounting that a wider coalition could consider a ground offensive"

This lying psychopath is clearly champing at the bit to send New Zealand deeper into the bogus War On Terror against the US created/funded ISIS/ISIL manufactured enemy. The US government is a mass murdering criminal organisation. Our peaceful country should be standing against the New World Order global takeover and the banking Mafia that is behind it. The main problem is that John Key is a long standing member of that Mafia.

New Zealand Needs a New Prime Minister

Our current one just blends in with the others and is not easily recognisable. He keeps being mistaken for other people everywhere he goes overseas and it is pretty embarrassing and very annoying. A fresh new Prime Minister who isn't a dick and a liar would be much better. This current PM stands out no better than a snake in the grass.

Acting Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) is now Solicitor-General

Appointment of Solicitor-General: Una Jagose has been appointed Solicitor-General, Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson QC announced today. Ms Jagose was Deputy Solicitor, Crown Legal Risk at Crown Law for two years before becoming Acting Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in February this year.

“I have worked with Ms Jagose over a number of years in her roles at Crown Law and the GCSB,” Mr Finlayson said. “She has very sound legal judgement and has proven herself a capable and effective leader.”

Government Cover-ups, Spin and Lies, Another Day Under the John Key Lead National Government

A damning report by an education watchdog about babies and toddlers was partially rewritten after high-level meetings about its "risk" to the Government.

Documents show Ministry of Education advisers also tried to mitigate the impact of the Education Review Office report by planting good-news stories to balance negative media coverage, and carefully crafting a communications "narrative" during "war-room" meetings before its release.
SEE ALSO: National MP busted 'trying to use taxpayer money for political campaigning'
AND: John Key believes he can get away with anything

TPPA - Stand Up! WELLINGTON: March on Parliament Nov 14th 2015

WHEN: Saturday 14th Nov at 1pm
WHERE: Midland Park 155 Lambton Quay, Wellington,

There are no NZ Born Rapists or Child Molesters in Australian Concentration Camp

Even though John Key wanted the entire country to believe that most of the NZ born detainees were rapists and sex offenders and accused the opposition parties of supporting rapists.

I guess we should add this onto the very long list of John Keys lies. I left that list lying around somewhere on here...
No Kiwi rapists or murderers on Christmas Island:

More deeply embarrassing headlines in the international media thanks to our liar Prime Minister John Key:
New Zealand female MPs thrown out of parliament after disclosing sexual assaults:

Andrew Little Goes on the Attack

Ignoring the whole NWO sock puppet 'A' & NWO sock puppet 'B' false left/right paradigm thing. I enjoyed this.

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