New Zealand Finance Minister "Restraint is permanent,"

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Tight times are here to stay, says English. By Audrey Young
Finance Minister Bill English has a blunt message about Government spending as he prepares his first Budget.

"Restraint is permanent," he says.

That is what he wants New Zealanders to realise, and it is what he told a group of department heads last week.

"For the rest of their careers, there isn't going to be more money or more people," he said.

The latest Crown accounts show tax revenue $1 billion down on October's forecasts.

Decisions on the Budget - to be delivered on May 28 - are likely to be made on the basis of Treasury forecasts in April.

New Zealand: The Company

Officially known by the New York Stock Exchange as:

Here you can see the latest financial report for the corporation of New Zealand, submitted by the company executives you voted for (well, mostly) to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. Probably a good idea to keep an eye on this since they are dealing with your securities.. New Zealand is, after all, owned by New Zealanders, isn't it?


John Key Drops Dark Hints On Need For Urgency (NZ)

The new Government's extensive use of urgency is once again under scrutiny. Senior Ministers have offered some justifications, but their reasons have been described as "constitutionally inadequate, and also subtly terrifying". Minister for Justice Simon Power defended the urgent introduction of the Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill, which allows police to arrest anyone they want to take DNA samples from. "DNA is the stuff of life on earth, common to all creatures that evolved on this planet," explained Mr Power, "It may be the only way we'll be able to tell." Mr Power then declined to discuss another bill relating to organised crime, saying that he had "said too much already".

That John Key certainly is a joker

In the face of the biggest global economic crisis in 80 years, the new government has come up with a governing structure whereby….either and probably both Rodney Hide and Peter Dunne will have ministerial responsibility for some aspect of the economy, but won’t be able to sit at the Cabinet table to know what’s going on
Hide is a throwback to a pre-crisis era, and he should be kept as far away as possible from decision making on the economy.

Private Prosecution Against National Party Leader, John Key

A private prosecution has been filed in the Auckland District Court over John Key ’s failure to disclose a financial interest in Trans-Rail. Asserts Penny Bright: “Because neither the Police nor the Serious Fraud Office have decided to investigate my complaint against John Key, I have taken a private prosecution myself.”

Ms Bright alleges that she has “just cause to suspect, and
do(es) suspect, that John Philip Key, Member of Parliament for
Helensville, dishonestly and without claim of right, attempted to use
documents with intent to obtain pecuniary advantage, being an
indictable offence under section 228 (b) of the Crimes Act 1961,
‘Dishonestly taking or using document’, the liability for
imprisonment being a term not exceeding 7 years.”

What I heard John Key Say

In February 2003 I heard John Key say "After 18 years in the international currency, bond and derivative markets, I hung up my banking boots for New Zealand politics."

And I heard him say, "I always had a long-term view of going into politics, so I suppose I was always careful…I mean, I got offered all these rinky dink tax deals, but I always paid my taxes."

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