Mapp:(New Zealand) Defence Review speech notes

This is the first major review of Defence since the 1997 Defence
Review and the Defence Beyond 2000 Inquiry by the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee. It is time for a fresh look.

Even though we are a small country our region covers 15% of the world’s surface. During the past decade there has been much more uncertainty in our own region. The NZDF is stretched to meet existing commitments.

We need to be able to act to assist states in our region, and we need to work with Australia to protect our region. Our Defence forces therefore must be primarily focused on these needs. Outside of our region we will always take a niche approach in concert with friends and allies.

Flogging Assets Does Not Help NZ's Foreign Debt

Don’t take our word for it. Sir Roger Douglas is nothing if not brutally honest and he said, in a book praising the 1980s’ and 90s’ State forest sales: "I am not sure we were right to use the argument that we should privatise to quit debt. We knew it was a poor argument but we probably felt it was the easiest to use politically" ("Out Of The Woods"; Reg Birchfield and Ian Grant; 1993). So the reason for flogging off State assets was and is ideological, not economic. The latter is just a smokescreen for PR reasons.

Dont forget J-Day!

In the true spirit of civil disobedience the crew from the Daktory are setting an excellent example for all of us who value individual freedoms!


Get yourself to J-Day May 2.

High Noon to 4:20

Help spread the word:


ACT NZ Looking To The Future; Defence/Arms Industry

"Exactly how does a military-industrial complex work? There are many approaches but, unlike Australia and other countries, New Zealand doesn’t have a whole-of-Government policy relating to Defence Industry. In fact, current law specifically prohibits an acquisition option other than ‘best and fairest’. It also prohibits seeking counter-trade for Defence acquisitions offshore.

By comparison, Australia aggressively negotiates for rights to build military platforms or access to other markets as part of its Defence acquisition process.

(NZ) Defence Review Terms of Reference announced

“As well as the main Review, I will personally be leading a set of companion studies. These will focus on our defence industry, on the role of the NZDF in youth programmes and the Cadet Forces, and voluntary national service,” Mrs Roy said.


McCully to Singapore for NZ Business Forum

Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 9:51 am
Press Release: New Zealand Government

Hon Murray McCully
Minister of Foreign Affairs
21 April 2009 Media statement

McCully to Singapore for NZ Business Forum

Foreign Minister Murray McCully leaves for Singapore today to give the keynote speech at a New Zealand Business Forum, and to meet with senior Singaporean Ministers.

“Singapore is an important bilateral and regional partner for New Zealand,” Mr McCully said.

“There are excellent opportunities for partnerships between New Zealand business innovation and Singaporean capital, and while Singapore has felt the effects of the financial crisis like everyone else, it has sound economic fundamentals, and is well positioned to quickly recover.

OECD solutions recipe for disaster for New Zealand

Alliance Party media release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday 17 April 2009

The Alliance Party says a new OECD report on the New Zealand economy got one thing right and pretty much everything else wrong.

Alliance Economic Development spokesperson Quentin Findlay says the OECD’s latest report on the New Zealand economy was a throwback to the past, and their solutions had no relevance in a modern economy.

"They are right in predicting that things are going to get worse for New Zealand in this recession, but if we followed their ideas for solving things we'd be completely stuffed."

“"Their ideas are still based on free market polices that led to the present recession. They are an organisation out of time,"” he says.

Trans-Tasman legal systems discussed in Canberra

Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 2:57 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Government

Hon Simon Power
Minister of Justice

15 April 2009 Media Statement

Trans-Tasman legal systems discussed in Canberra

Justice Minister Simon Power will attend the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General in Canberra this week.

SCAG provides a forum for Attorneys-General to discuss and progress matters of mutual interest, and seeks to achieve uniform or harmonised action in the areas of responsibility of its members.

The Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) comprises the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, its states and territories, and New Zealand’s Minister of Justice. Norfolk Island has observer status at SCAG meetings.

Who Is Michael Peter Stiassny? This site is a vital resource to all New Zealanders concerned about pressing news stories not being reported by the complacent media who fear retribution from the secretive & often malevolent New Zealand Courts. The catalyst for this site is a shady and morally bankrupt accountant named Michael Stiassny who for years has preyed on New Zealand citizens with the assistance of a few old lawyer friends who have become High Court judges. His story is not an isolated case but rather a watershed in New Zealand justice.

Now not the time to be signing away NZ’s sovereignty

Media Release: Professor Jane Kelsey

At a time when New Zealand needs the flexibility to respond to pressing domestic economic priorities, and with fresh questions being raised in Australia about the value of their free trade agreements, now was not the time to be signing away New Zealand’s economic sovereignty, Professor Jane Kelsey told a select committee this morning considering the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand free trade agreement.

“The current crisis was largely generated, and was certainly fuelled, by light handed regulation of financial services operators. Now New Zealand is locking in the deregulation of financial services throughout South East Asia through this agreement.”

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