Annual Elite Conclave, 58th Bilderberg Meeting to be held in Greece, May 14-17

The 2009 Bilderberg Group Conference will be held at the five-star Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece, May 14-17, according to author Daniel Estulin. Insiders have told Estulin that rooms have been booked and flight plans made. He has also confirmed the location and dates with sources in Greece. Estulin is the world’s foremost investigative authority on this annual secretive and exclusive assembly, having investigated and infiltrated their meetings for over ten years.

Dakta Green’s Stony Road to Mt Albert

Wednesday, 6 May 2009, 11:21 am
Press Release: Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

For immediate release: Just Released from Jail - Dakta Green’s Stony Road to Mt Albert.

The ALCP are asking Police for an explanation after its candidate in the Mt Albert by-election was arrested for the third time in one week.

The candidate, Dakta Green, is a prominent cannabis law reform activist who has engaged in hundreds of acts of civil disobedience - around New Zealand - without incident. Only since featuring on BBC news late last month has he become a target of the Police.

(NZ) Name the Secret Lobbyists.

Carter Holt Harvey???
Tuesday, 5 May 2009, 2:43 pm
Press Release: Green Party

5 May 2009

Name the Secret Lobbyists

Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman called today in Parliament for the identity of secret lobbyists to be revealed.

"It is vital for open, honest politics that the role of lobbyists is not kept secret," said Dr Norman.

According to media reports, Parliament's Speaker Hon Lockwood Smith has granted eight people special passes that give them access to the Parliamentary complex to lobby MPs.

"The public have the right to know the identity of the secret lobbyists who have been granted special access to Parliament. MPs are there to work for the people, and the public should know who is being granted special access to their representatives."

Australia recommends Anzac integration

New Zealand and Australia have discussed a closer defence relationship to deal with emerging crises in the Pacific, it was reported today.

The New Zealand Herald reported Australia's new defence white paper recommended integration ''in the Anzac tradition''.

The proposals have not been defined but could be as ambitious as an Anzac task force capable of deploying at short notice, the report said.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp had held discussions with Australian Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon on the potential to tighten the already close relationship.

''I expect a more collaborative approach,'' Mr Mapp said.

Five things New Zealand's copyright law rewrite must cover

Patching its copyright law for the digital age hasn't worked so well, and New Zealand now plans to overhaul the entire copyright regime. The trade groups used to battling this issue out among themselves now have to count on the engagement of an educated public that has become passionate about the issues at stake.

After the disastrous attempt to graft a "graduated response" Internet disconnection policy onto its existing copyright law, New Zealand's new government first pulled the plug on the idea and has now decided to rewrite the entire copyright act.

Stop Poisoning Bees

Press Release: Green Party (NZ)

4 May 2009

Stop poisoning Bees

Pesticides could decimate New Zealand's bee population unless the Government takes action, Green MP Sue Kedgley said today.

"Bees are vital to our economy, our horticulture, our agriculture and our ecology," Ms Kedgley said. "We depend on them for about one third of our food, through their role as pollinators."

Bee Week (May 4-8) was the ideal time for the Government to protect honey bees, according to Ms Kedgley: "The government should follow the European Union's lead and phase out pesticides that are highly toxic to bees. This action would protect us from the mass deaths that have occurred in other parts of the world."

J Day Wellington 2009 Photos

May 2nd 2009 was J Day, a nationwide peaceful protest against failed and harmful drug law in New Zealand. J Day is part of the Global Marijuana March, happening in over 200 cities around the world.
Wellington turned on a mild sunny day after a week of rain and around 200-300 people turned up to show their support for the cause and smoke some bud in the sun.

The venue was Frank Kitts Park located on Wellington's waterfront which has an outdoor amphitheatre.
A DJ entertained the crowd with a variety of beats and the sweet smell of burning cannabis wafted around it throughout the afternoon.

The Police opted for the covert surveillance option over a direct presence and no blue uniforms were seen all day, at 4.20 when everyone gathered into a crowd in the middle of the park for the mass "session" an undercover police car switched on it's red and blue lights over the road from the park.

fk d gvt

Rise up New Zealand. It is your civic duty to REBEL against overly oppressive gOVT!

Please bring weed, friends and a good attitude.

(NZ) Bugged - State Surveillance under the microscope

Fri 8th May: Film world premier, music and more
An awareness raising event to provide information about current State Surveillance practices in Aotearoa, and how they relate to the State Terror Raids of October 2007. The evening will raise money for those affected by the raids, and their communities.

Newtown Community Center Theatre, Crn Rintoul and Colombo 7pm till late $7 unwaged, $10 waged BYO and Food available for Koha

World Premier of Rise UP! A documentary film about the community response to the 2007 ‘terror’ raids

Talks by: Keith Locke Green MP

Music from: Mara TK Cherrys Gemstones

Despite Setback, Asean Has Important Role

Without Asean the region lacks a suitable forum to ensure stability and promote growth

The cancellation of the Asean Summit scheduled to be held in Thailand on 11 April was a disaster not just for the host country but for the entire grouping of Southeast Asian states. Unless the organization dusts itself off and resumes normal functioning it can change the path of Asian regionalism and hinder efforts to deal with the global financial and economic crisis.

The failure is all the more stark because, going into the meeting, considerable hopes had been raised about its role in tackling the global crisis in the Asian follow up to the G-20 meeting in London

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