R.I.P Evelyn Gilbert (Travellerev) of the "Aotearoa A Wider Perspective" Website

I have received news that Ev Gilbert of has passed away from liver cancer. I extend my condolences to her family at this time. Ev was an info warrior and dedicated activist whose work exposing the corruption of our government was and is exceptional.

Her funeral is being planned for Monday 18th July at 11am at Te Mata Hall.

Police Charge NZ Politician After He Ran Over Anti-TPPA Protestors With His Car

National Party MP for Whanganui Chester Borrows has been charged with careless use of a motor vehicle causing injury to two people after an incident at an anti-TPP protest.

Police investigated a complaint about an incident in March this year, as Mr Borrows and Minister Paula Bennett left a breakfast meeting in Whanganui..

Penny Bright - Anti-corruption Campaigner and Auckland Mayoral Candidate says “Open The Books!”

“Open the books,” is Mayoral candidate Penny Bright’s catch phrase. She hasn’t paid her rates for 9 years, and won’t until Auckland Council tells us how our rate payers money is being spent.

New Zealanders No Longer Trust the Corrupt Lying Shit-Head Cunts in Parliament

Public trust in New Zealand's politicians has plummeted over the past three years with Kiwis particularly concerned by funding of political parties, a study has found.

The level of trust in Members of Parliament has fallen by 54 per cent since 2013, with less than one in 10 New Zealanders saying they have complete or lots of trust in elected officials.

Shut Down the Streets Surrounding Sky City on February 4th When the Criminals in Government Attempt to Sign the TPPA

People of NZ, let's shut down the streets surrounding Sky City on this day. Civil Disobedience is a duty of concerned citizens when the government storms past the boundaries of right and wrong into outright treason and refuses to listen to the will of it's employers (the people). This is where we are at. 20,000 people ARM-LOCKED around Sky City is all it will take to shut this event down.

Be prepared to be blasted by water cannons unleashed on you by your own government as you peacefully stand against them.

Everyone who is opposed to this corporate takeover is obliged to actually take REAL ACTION against this.

We will need to descend on the scene of the crime very early in the morning. Lets throw everything at this everyone. It is high time the ruling class got a taste of how outnumbered they really are. Keep it non violent, let the state deal out violence against us as we stand peacefully against them.

I will be there.

The New Zealand Governments War on the Poor Continues in 2016

Press Release: Auckland Action Against Poverty. Nats lose plot with incoherent & racist state housing initiative

Paula Bennett appears to have suffered major plot loss over the summer with a brand new policy aimed at pushing the poor out of Auckland and into the provincial South Island.

“The latest step in National’s ongoing war on the poor is both incoherent and racist,” says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sue Bradford.

“In a surprise statement released this morning Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says the Government plans to offer cash incentives to prospective state house tenants willing to move from Auckland to regions where state houses lie vacant.

“Oamaru and Ashburton were given a special mention as likely destinations, of particular interest to Pasifika families on the state house waiting list.

Police take a year to disclose secret search of activists’ home

In the last 7 years of a corrupt John Key lead National government New Zealand has seen search and surveillance laws ramped up to protect New Zealanders from all of the terrorists. So far the only people who have had these laws and Orwellian powers used against them appear to be political activists who oppose the government and journalists who oppose the government.

Keith Locke writes on The Daily Blog about the innocent Takaka couple who were repeatedly violated by John Keys private army the NZ Police.

Govt not welcome to Waitangi if TPPA is signed

Ngāpuhi kaumātua and spokesperson for Te Tii Marae says the Government will not be welcome at Waitangi if a proposal to sign the TPPA goes ahead on the week of the nation’s celebrations next month. He says the lack of proper consultation with Māori means they have been left in the dark.

This is NZ today, corrupt government and corrupt police building a fascist police state.

The government, under the rule of corrupt liar Prime Minister John Key has been steadily eroding civil liberties and rights in this once free and happy country. Under John Key we have seen police raids against journalists critical of his criminal organisation and a war on journalism in general focussed mainly on any journalist that has spoken against the corrupt National Party or the thug criminal who leads it.

Now we learn of secret Police raids on innocent people where DNA samples were secretly stolen from their home. We can only expect things like this to get worse in this country as the criminals in government are about to sign away our sovereignty to multi national corporate pirates and criminal banker filth.

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