Ministers to sign TPPA in NZ on 4 February 2016

The ministers from the twelve countries who negotiated the the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will sign it in New Zealand on 4 February, a government spokesperson from Chile has confirmed.[1]

The New Zealand government has made no formal announcement, despite reports that it would host the meeting since the APEC summit last November.

‘Consistent with the government’s obsessively secrecy throughout the TPPA process, we have to get confirmation of what is happening in our own country from offshore’, says Auckland University Professor Jane Kelsey, who has led legal action to challenge the government’s failure to release information on the TPPA.

Peter Dunne Just Threw a Micro-Tantrum and Blocked My Twitter Account

He did follow me for 30 seconds so that he could block me afterwards. Tweeting back and forth with such a slippery, pompous fossil is much like pissing into the Wellington wind at the end of the day. Peter made it clear that he will not budge on cannabis law reform and caused a bit of a fuss by talking down to everyone involved in the conversation as though they were little children. The public sentiment on the war on drugs and specifically the law surrounding cannabis has turned in recent years and is growing louder and stronger against prohibition. It is an important issue for many people from many different walks of life and Peter Dunne is now firmly on the wrong side of things. Why do people still vote guys like this into parliament?

End the War on Cannabis in 2016 Peter Dunne

How mad is it that the president of the New Zealand Police Association can walk around a cannabis store in America and inspect legal marijuana asking questions about the business and then joke with the guys in the store about not coming to New Zealand because marijuana is not legal there YET? The war on drugs is a disaster and crime against humanity.

Peter has replied already:

FVEY vs Kim Dotcom

For all intents and purposes, whether it’s because they’ve gone rogue or are off the leash or whether it is just unofficial deep state policy; New Zealand intelligence agencies have been acting “arguably at the behest of a foreign power” according to Bryce Edwards. Including against their own countrymen.

That used to be called treason. Now it is called international co-operation and is self-justified by a secret treaty that was hidden from the public for 60 years: known only as the UK/USA Agreement. According to this link detailing the complex history of the agreement, which instituted and eventually encompassed the Five Eyes, the full text only became available in 2010 – some 64 years after its genesis.

E-cigarette rule hurting NZ's poorest

The problem the government faces over E-cigarette nicotine liquid regulation is essentially a money over people problem. If the government eased regulation of nicotine E-liquid then the floodgates are open for smokers to quit their massively expensive tobacco addiction that reaps the government massive tax revenue and manage their addiction in an affordable way that many believe is a healthier option than smoking. This is financially good for the smokers but a threat to the governments financial books. This is especially a problem for the current John Key lead National government that has presided over 8 years of budget deficits and record debt and an economy that has been artificially propped up by natural disaster and an increasingly unstable dairying industry. National is all about profit over people. It will be interesting to see what happens here.

From Radio NZ: Some tobacco researchers are urging the removal of restrictions on purchasing e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

CIA/American Created Phony Terror Group Names New Zealand as Enemy in Latest Video

This is all just what the country has to go through to be "a part of the club" as John Key would say. Of course this country was going to end up a target in the war on terror. John Key has pulled us very close to the criminal regime in Washington DC. We are officially a part of the gang of psychopathic mass murderers building their New World Order.

7 Years of a John Key Lead National Government, 7 Years of Robbery, Economic Spin and Outright Bullshit

For the last 7 years or so we have been indoctrinated with the mantra of the mythical "Rock Star Economy" and the legend of John Key the expert currency trader/banker who is a financial genius that would lead New Zealand into a golden economic age.

I remember better days in this country. I live in the capital city Wellington. When I think back to over 7 years ago I remember this city was alive and vibrant. It was busy nearly any day or night of the week down Courtenay Place which is the main bar and entertainment strip of the city. This city had a thriving community and a great vibe.

Fast forward to today and the place is quiet. The crowds of people on the streets at night out spending money on entertainment just aren't there like they once were. The lively 'vibe' of this city is not there like it once was. John Key himself has said "Wellington is a dying city"

Police censorship of crime research “an outrage”

The Green Party is calling on Police Minister Michael Woodhouse to ensure Police scrap controversial contracts that place onerous restrictions on academic researchers’ access to Police data, the Green Party says.

The Green Party’s call comes following revelations that University of Canterbury sociologist Dr Jarrod Gilbert has been blacklisted from accessing police data and that other academic researchers have been required to sign contracts that give Police the ability to censor research findings.

“This is an absolute outrage – it is as though Police have never heard of the Official Information Act,” said David Clendon, the Green Party’s Police spokesperson.

“This smacks of interference, and the Minister must demand Police stop trying to stymie academic freedom, or face accusations of political interference himself.

NZ Government Placed Fascist Controls on TPPA Spin

"If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" said the John Key lead National government that is constantly hiding things from the people of New Zealand.

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