New Zealand Government Bans Protest Against US Ship Visit

Next month the US will be sending a non-nuclear-armed (but possibly cluster-bomb-armed) ship to New Zealand to participate in the New Zealand Navy's birthday party. As the representative of a military currently bombing children in at least seven countries, the USS Sampson is likely to attract protests on the water. So National has simply banned them...

Ruling against 'Planet Key' ban upheld

The writer of the parody song 'Planet Key' feels vindicated by the Court of Appeal's decision finding the Electoral Commission was wrong to ban it.

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Kim Dotcom no Longer a Media Darling Now He is Winning?

Haven't seen a breath of this in the media...

Corrupt Liar Prime Minister John "there is no issue, but if there is it is someone elses fault" Key Spins a Load of Shit About Overworked Doctors

Jack Tame to John Key: 'Would you want a junior doctor working on you after 12 days?' The PM is questioned ahead of a strike by 3000 doctors over working conditions.

It is That Time of the Election Cycle Where the National Party Adopts all of the Popular Policies From the Other Political Parties

A closer look reveals this is window dressing and goes nowhere near far enough. Fewer migrants to be granted residency over the next two years

Fluoride Free NZ Wins on Advertising Complaints

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled in favour of Fluoride Free New Zealand (FFNZ) regarding their controversial TV ads screened this winter. All of the complaints against the FFNZ TV ads were rejected.

FFNZ produced two TV adverts that aired on TV3 in July and August this year. The Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints that claimed that the information presented was “untrue” or “played on fear.”

The ASA outright rejected the complaints about the first ad, which listed all the “Countries That Do Not Fluoridate Their Water”, saying there was no basis to proceed with the complaint. The advert stated that 98% of Europe did not fluoridate, and only 4% of the world had water fluoridation.

Americas Little Bitch, Corrupt Liar Prime Minister John Key: Syrian President has got to go

Why don't you stop poncing around the planet trying to solve everyone else's problems, get your lying ass back to New Zealand and fix our housing crisis and homelessness epidemic? The rest of the world gives no fucks about you or your tiny opinion.

John Key is Americas Bitch

Hey, how hard is to be John Key? Not very. Yesterday in New York for instance, Key basically took an old May 2 Washington Post article written by Barack Obama, recycled it back to the Americans, and still scored headlines here at home such as: “John Key Warns US Of Risks In Failing To Ratify TPP…” That’s telling them.

Help Eric Reach 1000 Signatures on His Petition to Find Safer Alternatives to 1080 Poison

Eric Nicol has created an online petition as part of a school project, against the use of 1080. If you have the time and agree then go sign it.

Peter Dunne is working for the Antichrist and Satan: Super Gold card to be blended with biometric ID RealMe

United Future wants to give the SuperGold Card a super makeover. It wants to allow it to be used nationally as ID, a public transport card, and a health information card. It would do this by blending it with the Government's RealMe identification service, and be dubbed "Super Me". United Future leader Peter Dunne said it would simplify things.

"Much more comprehensive access to services than having to have different cards for different purposes."

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