New Zealand Defence Force Denies Civilians Were Killed By NZ SAS in Afghanistan, Former Defence Minister Admits Civilians Were Killed in Raid

It looks like someone in the army is desperately trying to cover their ass and Wayne Mapp does not want this tragedy on his conscience.

New Nicky Hager Book HIT AND RUN, New Zealand SAS Forces Involved in Massacre in Afghanistan

Corrupt liar, former Prime Minister John Key authorised NZ SAS troops to attack a village in Afghanistan resulting in 6 deaths of civilians and no insurgents were killed or captured in the raid.

The John Key lead National government and the NZ Army then covered up the massacre. Whistleblowers from within the army came forward to tell the story and this new book which was co-authored with freelance journalist Jon Stephenson details what happened.

By the sounds of it there needs to be an inquiry into possible war crimes committed by our SAS in Afghanistan. Those responsible for the lies and coverup of this event need to be identified and held to account.

Nicky Hager to Release New Book Next Week

Nicky Hager is releasing a new book. The launch will be at Unity Books, Willis Street Wellington, Tuesday 21 at 5pm.

The Government has Declared the Whanganui River is a Person

The big question now is, is it male/female/transgender, gay, bi, or gender neutral?


U.S. Applications for New Zealand Citizenship Jump 70 Percent

70% more reason to vote out the corrupt National government.


Kim Dotcom vows to evade remaining extradition charges due to ‘prosecution blunder’

They knew for years they had ****** up. I think New Zealanders deserve to know that was part of the case,” he said. "The entire raid was for civil copyright infringement and that is in their own documents. I was in jail for a month for a civil copyright claim, that is what the arrest warrant said. This thing will go all the way to the Supreme Court itself."

Oh yeah

Bill English, part time comedian, full time current Prime Minister announced the date for the next general election in New Zealand the other day. The 2017 New Zealand general election is scheduled to be held on Saturday 23 September 2017 to determine the membership of the 52nd New Zealand Parliament.

Thats nice.

ANOTHER STUFF.CO.NZ HEADLINE: New Zealand and Denmark deemed the 'least corrupt' countries in the world

FROM THE ARTICLE: New Zealand has regained its top spot in a global watchdog's rundown of the most corruption-free countries in the world.

What happened to make us climb up again???? Oh yeah, Corrupt Liar former Prime Minister John Key resigned. That could possibly have helped.

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