A Special Goodbye For George Bush: Add Photos of your shoes to the Flickr Group

Cindy Sheehan
Today I received, about 20 times by email, the video of the Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at George Bush at a press conference in Baghdad. My friends and colleagues were gleeful at the humiliation suffered by our Liar in Chief.

I have to say, the video made me smile, too … but I understand the Iraqi’s anger all too well. I occasionally get a comment from someone that I am too “angry,” and how can I bring peace to the world when I can’t even bring peace to myself?

Open Letter To Barack Obama From Jello Biafra

Dear Mr. Obama,

Congratulations on your recent victory, and for helping build such a strong mandate for change. In that spirit, please do not forget the other aisle you need to reach across. All the relief and publicity for the middle class won't do anything for the 40-100 million Americans who are starving, unemployed or just plain poor.

Blackwater on Pirate Patrol?

“Billions of dollars of goods move through the Gulf of Aden each year,” said Bill Matthews, executive vice president of Blackwater Worldwide, in a press release. “We have been contacted by ship owners who say they need our help in making sure those goods get to their destination safely.
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Searching Beyond Google

Most Web searching uses just a few providers. But according to technology writer Erik Sherman, there is a vast territory in the "invisible Web" that refers to databases connected to the Internet but not available for indexing by popular search engines, each with its own search capability.


Eerie Photos Taken At Chernobyl City

Abandoned after the worlds worst nuclear reactor disaster, Chernobyl is now a tourist destination.
The entire city surrounding the power plant has remained virtually untouched since the disaster in 1986.


'Doped slugs' voted for Key

New Zealanders have been lambasted in an Australian newspaper for showing all the reasoning of a "doped slug" in ditching Helen Clark for John Key. Israeli paper Ha'aretz reported on Mr Key's Jewish background and noted that his mother was an active member of the 5000-strong Jewish community in New Zealand.

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Blackwater sends warship to Gulf of Aden

WTF! These guys have their own warships!!!
For those who dont know, Blackwater is a private military contractor owned by a fundamentalist christian family in America famous for its work in Iraq....

BLACKWATER Worldwide — the US private military contractor embroiled in controversy over its actions in Iraq — has sent a private sector warship equipped with helicopters to the Gulf of Aden, and is offering its services to shipowners concerned with Somali piracy.

The vessel, McArthur, is described as a multipurpose unit designed to support military and law-enforcement training, peace-keeping and stability operations.

The ship and its helicopters have the ability to patrol a commercial vessel’s route, thereby avoiding the need to hire security contractors to ride on board.

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