Shootings in Germany, Alabama Underscore Violent Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications

A 17-year-old former student opened fire near Stuttgart, Germany, killing at least 16 people. The teenager was a former student at a Winnenden school, where he initiated the shooting spree. Three teachers and at least 10 students were killed by his actions.

The media is reporting that Tim Kretschmer, "walked calmly into three classrooms and opened fire, without saying a word." Following the shooting at his school, Tim ran to a psychiatric clinic school and killed an employee there. (Did he have a link to the psychiatric staff members there?)

A day earlier, a man in his mid-30's opened fire in Alabama, killing ten people before he was shot and killed by law enforcement.

Mystery Of The Bones: Geronimo's Missing Skull

For decades, mystery has surrounded an elite secret society at Yale University called the Order of Skull and Bones. One of the organizations most storied legends involves the skull of Apache warrior Geronimo, who died in 1909 after two decades as a prisoner of war at Fort Sill, Okla.

As the story goes, nine years after Geronimo's death, Skull and Bones members who were stationed at the army outpost dug up the warrior's grave and stole his skull, as well as some bones and other personal relics. They then sprinted the remains away to New Haven, Conn., and allegedly stashed the skull at the society's clubhouse, the Skull and Bones Tomb.

(UK)Investigation into Lancashire County Council, the Blues and Twos Credit Union Ltd and Lancashire Police.

My investigations into Lancashire County Council(LCC) started over 6weeks ago when I first discovered them listed on Dunn and Bradstreets’ website. It is listed there as a company and all of the schools in the county are listed as their ‘trading names’. I was interested to know more about the corporate status of LCC.

LCC was not the only supposed government organisation I found listed as a company on the above website. I could not, however, find them listed at Companies House, the UK Company Register database. This got me thinking!

Toxic Skies Trailer (Hollywood Movie About Chemtrails)


Uncensored Symposium 2009

Auckland New Zealand
WHEN: 26 APRIL 2009 10am-8pm

Featured Speakers:
• Lloyd Pye
“The Starchild Skull: Proof at Last of Human-Alien Hybrid?

• Martin Doutre
“Pre-Maori Civilisations in Ancient New Zealand”

• Jonathan Gray
“The True Story of the Discovery of Noah’s Ark”

• Evan Sadler
“Christianity, Satanism and the New World Order”

• Nicola Grace
“Can We Keep Our Health Freedom in New Zealand?”

• David Holden
“The Scientific Basis for Naturopathic Therapies”

• Olive McCrae
“The Long and Short of the Fluoride Conspiracy”

“The Secrets and Suppression of Free Energy Technologies”

• UNCENSORED Editor Jonathan Eisen will host the Symposium.

2012: Science or Superstition (Trailer)

French President Sued for Copyright Infringement

This may very well become one of the most ironic stories of 2009 in the copyright debate. The CBC is reporting that French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been sued by an independent band for copyright infringement.
The president and his administration has been well known for trying to ratchet up copyright laws not only in France, but throughout Europe as well. He has pressured and passed the first “three strikes” law that gets a user disconnected based on three formal copyright complaints.

See your message on the West Bank wall, for a price

It could turn out to be the world's longest graffiti space - the massive concrete barrier separating Israel from the Palestinians.
Over the Internet, a group of Palestinian graffiti artists is offering to spray-paint your personal message on Israel's towering security wall in the West Bank.
It costs 30 euros ($40) per message and they can be as solemn or wacky as you want. Everything goes, except for obscene, offensive or extremist hate speech. Clients get three digital pictures of the finished product.

Facebook Backpeddles, Gives Control to the Users

Facebook has today announced that they will allow the users a bigger say in the running of the website. This is amidst complaints about how user data is controlled by Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg has said that he hopes to ‘open up’ Facebook so that the users can control how the site is run and how the data that they enter into the site is controlled. Users will be given better comment and voting rights on the creation of future policies that Facebook puts in place. The reaction to this has been mostly a shocked one as this level of transparency into a social networking company has not been done before.

Aussie McDonald's to charge more in poorer suburbs

McDONALD'S is lifting prices in poorer suburbs where it believes consumers are more likely to accept higher charges without complaint.
Costs were previously based on restaurant overheads and ingredient prices.
But the multi-national fast-food chain is using socio-economic factors to determine charges under a new "demand-based pricing" scheme.

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