Leonard Cohen (RIP) - Everybody Knows

Trump Bombshell: He Can't Read.

Is Donald Trump dyslexic?

NZ Prime Ministers Son Max Key Educates Cyclists and Posts Video to Snap Chat

I blame shitty parenting. His old man did as good a job raising him as he is doing running the country.

10 Old-Fashioned Swears to Spice up Your Cussin'

Taboos against what we would today consider pretty mild exclamations like "damn!" "hell!" and "Jesus Christ!" led the swearers of years past to come up with creative substitutions that gave them some measure of emotional release while keeping within the bounds of propriety. These substitutions are called "minced oaths," and they've left their mark on our vocabulary. Gosh, gee, golly, dagnamit, darn, drat, gadzooks, zounds, heck, and cripes are all minced oaths that are still around to charm us with their innocent old-timey ring. But there are others you may not have heard of. They could come in handy when you get tired of ho-hum obscenity and want something with a little more profane zing.
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Vegans New Zealand Holiday Ruined After Seeing Sheep in a Truck

"I came to that back of the boat because I thought it would be, you know, beautiful" she said ominously, panning to reveal a truckload of sheep and beginning to sob.

"I'm sorry," she said to her fellow vegans, wiping tears from behind her glasses, "I just feel so helpless."

She signs off with a quick shot of Picton, mountains overhead, "This is what I came to show you - but it all seems so meaningless now."
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Prince Secretly Funded Humanitarian and Environmental Organizations

When people give money to charity, especially celebrities, it is for one of two reasons – they want to be seen giving, or they are genuinely wanting to help people. Prince, it seems, donated money to charitable organizations for the latter reason.

In an interview with CNN, longtime green advocate Van Jones revealed that Prince was a major backer of Jones’s group Green For All, an organization that has been working to bring solar power to the people of Oakland, California.

“There are people who have solar panels right now on their houses in Oakland, California that don’t know Prince paid for them,” Jones said.
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The Occupy movement did more than just “change the conversation.”

The problem with Occupy’s legacy as primarily a “conversation changer” is that the protest moment gets framed as a set of talking points — a corrective to mainstream political discourse alone. “Occupy” has been historicized as a slogan and forgotten as a tactic and a verb. This is understandable: Historians bestow the title “success” on that which continues — after all, “to succeed” doesn’t just mean to win, but also to follow and replace.
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Sex robot cafe aims to offer Londoners fellatio with their morning coffee

An entrepreneur who hopes to open London’s first ‘fellatio cafe’ has revealed his staff will be made up entirely of sex robots.

Businessman Bradley Charvet, who plans to open the ‘blow job cafe’ in Paddington, claims the sex-bots will be programmable to a person’s needs and will soon be seen as “totally normal.”

A 15-minute oral sex session with an espresso will set punters back just £60 (US$78). Hungry patrons will have to pay extra for a pastry.

The coffee shop is due to open after Charvet launches his first cafe in Geneva, Switzerland, later this year.
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Protecting the "Cream Puff" Generation From Reality

Hofstra University Provides 'Trigger Warning' for Presidential Debate to protect the precious little snowflakes from hurt feelings after watching the presidential debate today.

Wrapping entitled little shits in cotton wool to protect them from ever being offended by anything is creating a generation of emotional retards unequipped to face the harsh realities of the world around them.

How We Arrived At The Era Of Post-Truth Politics

Dishonesty in politics is nothing new; but the manner in which some politicians now lie, and the havoc they may wreak by doing so, are worrying.

Post-truth politics is advancing in many parts of the world. In Europe the best example is Poland’s ultranationalist ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS). Among other strange stories, it peddles lurid tales about Poland’s post-communist leaders plotting with the communist regime to rule the country together. In Turkey the protests at Gezi Park in 2013 and a recent attempted coup have given rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories, some touted by government officials: the first was financed by Lufthansa, a German airline (to stop Turkey from building a new airport which would divert flights from Germany), the second was orchestrated by the CIA.
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