Noam Chomsky and Over 100 Intellectuals Denounce ‘Savage’ Media Treatment of Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn

The leadership of Jeremy Corbyn has been subject to the most savage campaign of falsehood and misrepresentation in some of our most popular media outlets. He has, at different times, been derided, ignored, vilified and condemned. Few journalists attempted to fathom the reason for his overwhelming victory in the Labour leadership contest in 2015 and few have sought systematically and impartially to explore the policies he has promoted as leader. We do not expect journalists to give any elected leader an easy ride but Corbyn has been treated from the start as a problem to be solved rather than as a politician to be taken seriously.
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CIA Instructions to Media Assets

This document caused quite a stir when it was discovered in 1977. Dated 4/1/67, and marked "DESTROY WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED", this document is a stunning testimony to how concerned the CIA was over investigations into the Kennedy assassination. Emphasis has been added to facilitate scanning.

CIA Document #1035-960, marked "PSYCH" for presumably Psychological Warfare Operations, in the division "CS", the Clandestine Services, sometimes known as the "dirty tricks" department.
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2015 a Deadly Year as Journalism 'Put Daily to the Sword'

Here in New Zealand it is relatively safe to be a journalist so long as you do not attack the John Key lead National government.

From targeted bombings to fatal crossfire, the year 2015 was violent and deadly for journalists around the world, particularly those based in the Americas and Middle East, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said Friday.

According to a survey by the organization, at least 109 journalists and media workers were slain by "targeted killings, bomb attacks, and cross-fire incidents."
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Mainstream Media Marching US into More War in Wake of Paris Terror Attacks

Just as they did in the wake of 9/11, corporate media outlets—led by cable news networks—are spreading hysteria, fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment, and beating the drum for war by providing “context-free coverage of terror,” as one analyst put it this week.

The 24/7 coverage of Friday’s attacks in Paris and their aftermath, marked by speculation and sensationalism, is only helping the media conglomerates.

According to Deadline: “Fox News Channel and CNN both logged their biggest primetime crowds of the year, excluding presidential debates, when viewers tuned in to learn about the attacks in Paris on Friday that killed at least 129 people and injured hundreds more. The two cable news networks traded hourly wins in the news demo that night.”
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Anatomy of a Corporate Disaster – Inside Weldon and Glucina’s Gossip Site Scout

This article was a most satisfying read. Highly recommend it if you dislike scum like Judith Collins bestie Rachel Glucina.
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War Is Beautiful: The New York Times Pictorial Guide to the Glamour of Armed Conflict

The New York Times has been routinely criticized over the last decade for its percieved responsibility in drumming up support for the war in Iraq, particularly Judith Miller’s reporting on weapons of mass destruction. But it’s not as common to hear criticism of the Times’ choice in war photography. Photojournalists put their lives on the line every day, after all, and a photograph is less likely to contain bias, right?
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The False Flag Event That Started the War on Terror

Millions now dead in Iraq and Afghanistan because of this one event. Here is all the proof in the world that the entire world has been lied to. This video contains conspiracy PROOF, not conspiracy THEORIES.
Bear in mind the truth of the events of 9/11 when listening to or watching the mainstream media over the next few weeks as they propagandise the masses over this latest terrorist attack in France.

The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy

When did the term 'conspiracy theory' become an automatic excuse for dismissal? The feature-length documentary The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy provides an in-depth examination of this phenomenon, particularly as it is propagated by the media elite.

"The mainstream media's agenda is clear," instructs the narrator during the film's opening minutes. "They want you to believe that conspiracies don't exist, the world is exactly like they say it is, and anyone who disagrees is to be marginalized, mocked and shamed."

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