Venezuela Orders FAKE NEWS Organisation CNN off the Air

Venezuelan government takes CNN en Español off the air, accusing it of misinformation.
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Report: Muslim Olympian’s Airport Holdup Happened Under Obama

In another stunning case of fake news, a whole host of blue checkmarks and ‘activists’ shared a story regarding Muslim U.S. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad being ‘detained after the ‘Muslim Ban’

In a hilarious twist of irony, a day after liberal tears were flowing over the poor Muslim Olympian that Trump detained at the airport, Ibithaj Muhammad admits the event occurred in December. In December 2016… before Donald J. Trump even took office.
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Alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs, but you’d never know from the headlines

Mainstream media tend to report more stories about illicit drugs than alcohol.

Stories about illicit drugs are also more negative. The media is more likely to frame illicit drugs as dangerous, morally corrosive and associated with violent behaviour, while it frames people who use illicit drugs as irresponsible and deviant.

In particular, the media is more likely to link illegal drugs with violent crimes, sexual assaults and murders than alcohol. This is despite one study finding 47% of homicides in Australia over a six-year period were alcohol-related.
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Advice From the New Zealand Herald for Underage Teens About Exploring Their Sexuality and the Benefits of Sexting

My earliest sexual experiences with another person did not involve kissing, touching, nor even being in the same room. He was in Canada, I was in Australia; he was 13, I was 12. Our entire relationship was conducted online, where we'd exchange clumsy messages about things neither of us had done before but dreamed of doing together.

AS UNFORTUNATE AS IT IS that sending consensual nudes between underage teens can carry heavy legal consequences, the law is the law. If you are underage, see if you can find another way to explore your sexuality - with or without a partner - that does not put you at legal risk.
MORE: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=117...

Dear Everyone Crying and Screaming About the "Refugee Ban" in America

In particular, dear mainstream media, FUCK YOU! You stood by for nearly 2 decades while America illegally invaded several countries and bombed them back into the dark ages on the back of a massive false flag attack in 2001 that you helped to cover-up.

You were all mostly silent while Obama continued to drop thousands of bombs on innocent people and ran an assassination program with drones in multiple countries while the intelligence agencies of the West worked to destabilise and topple the governments in these countries that are now collapsing.

Why were the streets of Washington DC not blocked by screaming, rioting angry loving people in an attempt to stop the unnecessary and illegal wars and bloodshed that have caused the current refugee crisis?

HEADLINE FROM STUFF.CO.NZ: Fake news isn't anything new, but does New Zealand have a problem?

FROM THE ARTICLE: "I don't think we are there yet and hopefully not for a while. It's certainly a new phenomenon. It's going to be interesting to see what Google and Facebook do and how seriously they take the threat."

"It's definitely a new phenomenon. It's a perfect storm of the uncertainty, media moguls prepared to exploit that, and the technical ability to spread stuff and quickly and make people pay for it very quickly."

Maybe I have had a bit to much to drink already tonight but my mind is confused by this article a bit.
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Known FAKE NEWS Outlet CNBC Issues Thinly Veiled Threat to Trump

It is what it is, read between the lines, what is the first thing anyone thinks of when JFK is mentioned? Strange world we live in now when the mainstream media openly puts shit like this out on the internet.
This is the height of offensiveness and irresponsibility.

Trump Slams BuzzFeed As "Failing Pile Of Garbage", Tells CNN "You Are Fake News"

In an epic (mutual) trolling between president-elect Trump on one hand and BuzzFeed and CNN, on the other, the two media organizations which issued yesterday's unsubstantiated report about Russia having compromising information on the president-elect, Trump first addressed the question of why he referred to Nazi Germany, saying it is "disgraceful" that intelligence communities would allow the release of any information. "That's something Nazi Germany would have done and did do," he says.

He then unleashed on Buzzfeed which alone published the 35-page memo behind the Russian allegations, saying "Buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage... will suffer the consequences"

And then, in an even more stunning episode, Trump slammed CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who he also called out during the presser over their report on a two-page synopsis they claim was presented to Trump.

Hookers, Golden Showers and Donald J Trump Make for Hillarious FAKE NEWS

According to Internet rumors, someone gave a Donald Trump report from November 1st, 2016 to Rick Wilson, an anti-Trump GOP consultant. He then passed it to Evan McMullin, an ex-intelligence official, who then passed it to Senator John McCain. McCain then gave it to US intelligence agencies who then leaked it to the mainstream media including CNN and BuzzFeed.
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