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In His Final Days, Obama Quietly Expands War Powers Before Handing Them Off To Trump

While we knew it was impossible for President Obama to truly rein in the massive executive powers that he helped expand (following on the massive expansions from previous administrations) concerning national surveillance and war -- we had still hoped that maybe his concern about a President Trump would let him do a few small things to limit some of the most egregious powers. Instead, it appears that President Obama is doing the opposite, and expanding his war powers, just as he's about to hand them to someone that he, himself, has loudly criticized as being unfit for the Presidency.

Trump has Become Mired in the Swamp: Trump's Treasury Pick: Another Goldman Sachs Blowhard (Who Worked for Soros)

Steven Mnuchin. Familiarize yourself with this name. You will hear it often, because as Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin will most likely play a key role in "making America great again".

The Trump administration should pursue the case against Hillary Rodham Clinton

If there is anything more to Donald Trump than bluster, we have yet to see it. Trump has not even been sworn in as president, and he already is walking away from campaign promises that are too hard to keep, starting with his pledge to pursue the case against Hillary Rodham Clinton, who violated national-security laws, lied about it, and very likely suborned criminal acts by others, including obstruction of justice.

Mike Pence Says His Role Model for Vice President Is Dick Cheney

GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said his role model for the number two spot is the last Republican to hold the job -- Dick Cheney.

“I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American,” Pence said on ABC’s "This Week."

#PIZZAGATE, Pedophile Network Connected to John Podesta and the Clinton Crime Family?

I have been watching this unfold since Wikileaks released the "Spirit Cooking" emails which sparked off an online investigation into potential code words being used in emails between Podesta and his associates to organise use of children for sex. At first I thought it was a bit of a far fetched load of nonsense but I kept watching. I think there is now enough circumstantial evidence to suggest it may be true.

This info-graphic provides a good summary of evidence:

The Vigilant Citizen website now has an article about it:

Hysterical ButtHurt Clinton Supporters Turn Violent in New Zealand

The anti hate Clinton supporting crowd in New Zealand could not contain their hate towards Trump supporters today and things got violent and hysterical. We clearly need to create safe spaces here with relaxation counselling for all the broken-arsed butthurt Clinton zombies.

FROM NEWSHUB: Unrest has broken out at an anti-Donald Trump rally in Auckland's Aotea Square on Saturday afternoon.

The protest started peacefully, with around 40 people holding signs denouncing Mr Trump's election as president.

It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He Funded The Ferguson Riots

If the Modus Operandi in these protests looks familiar, that’s because is organizing a lot of them, and MoveOn is funded by…you guessed it: George Soros. The organization was originally founded to combat the impeachment of Bill Clinton…are you seeing a link here? Another proud instigator is the Answer Coalition which also – are you sitting down? Has links to Soros.

Twitter Erupts With Calls For Donald Trump To Be Assassinated

Democracy is all good until your candidate loses the election, then it is time to riot and call for the winners assassination.

The Secret Service has a history of investigating threats against the people they protect when the threats originate on Twitter. The Secret Service has not made any public statement since Trump won about whether new threats on Twitter will be investigated.

Praise Jesus, Someone Caught Christian Pastors Out Being Conniving Vote Rigging Fraudsters

Many years ago I caught a glimpse inside the inner workings of church leadership down in Christchurch NZ. I was literally gob-smacked at the time coming from a position of sitting in the pews Sundays in and out listening to my esteemed church leaders hammering scripture from the bible on right and wrong and God's way of doing things when I was able to sit in on a private meeting of multiple church leaders and witnessed first hand how they dealt with a person who decided to start his own church that they wanted to block.

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