The War On Drugs Destroys Good People. Police and the Government are a Very Real Threat

Last week's news that Kaikohe community leader Kelly van Gaalen had been sentenced to two years prison in the Whangarei District Court for possession of cannabis from two plants, with no evidence of commercial supply, has rightly and understandably caused outrage.
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Study: Painkiller Overdose Deaths Decrease Dramatically In Cannabis Friendly States

According to a report this year from the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), fatal overdoses caused by prescription painkillers dropped dramatically in states where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use.

Access to medical cannabis, according to the study, is responsible for an overall 25% drop in fatalities associated with prescription drugs taken for chronic pain. The study also expects such fatalities to continue to drop as cannabis reform across the country allows more people to legally access the drug for medical purposes.
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Why Banning LSD and Magic Mushrooms is the Worst Censorship of Medicine in World History

Speaking at Breaking Convention, a three-day conference held in London that aimed to explore the benefits of psychedelic drugs as medicines, amongst other topics, Professor David Nutt talked to me about his concerns on how the law is interfering with medical research and why LSD is still a problem child.
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Police force gives cannabis users green light to grow drugs

Cannabis users in County Durham who grow the drug for their own consumption will no longer be targeted by the police after the force declared the illegal activity was not a priority.

In a move, which will be seen as a further step towards decriminalisation, Durham Constabulary declared it would only go after people using the drug if there was a complaint or if they were being “blatant”.
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Marijuana Dispensary Suing Mayor After Cops Raid Shop and Eat Edibles

A raid on a California medical marijuana dispensary at the end of May revealed questionable police practices by the officers involved. Now, Sky High Holistic is suing Santa Ana mayor Miguel Pulido, claiming he ordered police to shut down the dispensary because they did not pay a $25,000 bribe that would guarantee their place in a lottery system for a license.

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The People on Drugs are Winning the "War On Drugs"

How’s the global “war on drugs” progressing, you ask?

Not so good, according to the UN Office of Drugs and Crime’s most recent World Drugs report, which tracks overall trends as well as more granular data on the trafficking and use of specific illicit substances.

Specifically, one out of every 20 people the world over used illegal drugs in 2013, for a total of 246 million but, as the UN cheerfully notes, “because of the increase in the global population, illicit drug use has in fact remained stable.”
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ED doctor: John Key needs to do his homework on MDMA

Haha, like corrupt liar Prime Minister John Key actually cares about facts, science and the good of the public:
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Legitimate medical-marijuana use should not get you fired

NEARLY two-thirds of Americans now live in a state that allows medical marijuana in some form. Just this year, five Southern states, including Texas, allowed limited access to therapies based on cannabis. The revolt against the blanket federal marijuana prohibition has now spread to at least 29 states.

Yet using marijuana as medicine — and it clearly can be useful medicine — can get you fired in most of those states (and the District of Columbia), even if the use is off the clock. The Supreme Court of Colorado affirmed that last week, echoing similar cases in Washington, Oregon and California, where there are no mandatory workplace accommodations for therapeutic use of cannabis.
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First Three Participants Enroll in Study of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Life-Threatening Illness Anxiety

Between May 29 and June 8, the first three participants were enrolled in our Marin, Calif., study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life-threatening illness. "I feel absolutely honored to be meeting and working with our first three participants," writes co-therapist Julane Andries. "As they share their stories, and the physical and emotional pain they have endured, I am most impressed with their drive to seek help to be free from the fear, the anxiety, and depression that can come as one lives with life-threatening illness."
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Medical Marijuana Legalization Hasn't Led To Increased Teen Use, Study Finds

As a growing body of evidence continues to expose the medicinal benefits of marijuana, opponents of its legalization insist the drug can cause more harm than good. And while some points they make should be considered, such as the effects edibles have on children, one point they keep trying to drive home holds no weight: Despite what they might say, teen marijuana use does not increase with marijuana legalization. In fact, according to a new study, it might even drop.

“Our findings provide the strongest evidence to date that marijuana use by teenagers does not increase after a state legalizes medical marijuana,” said Dr. Deborah Hasin, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, in a statement.
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