Maybe *This* Is How The War On Marijuana Ends

A rural Illinois jury has found one of their peers innocent in a marijuana case that would have sent him to prison. People are coming to realize that not only have they been sold a lie when it comes to marijuana -- they've been sold a particularly cruel lie, a self-perpetuating falsehood of epic proportions that has controlled U.S. public policy.

Former drug officer launches 'KopBusters' TV show

Stephen C. Webster.
Barry Cooper, a former Texas police officer with eight years of specialty in drug interdiction, first made waves when he released the film "Never Get Busted Again," a how-to guide for evading police drug seizures.

Austin, Texas-based Cooper's latest project is not nearly so benign, and will likely generate for the former drug warrior an army of enemies in law enforcement.

'KopBusters' is a reality TV program that aims to sink crooked officers.

The CIA And US Government Run The Drug Trade.

Ten minute clip that shows the government and the CIA are utterly guilty of not only importing tons of cocaine into the country but blatently using the media to advertise their product and cause the crack epidemic. Has footage of George Bush Senior holding up a bag of crack in his office, pretty much just advertising it to the world...

Netherlands cannabis growers yearly net $2.7b

Clandestine cannabis growers in the Netherlands net two billion euros (2.7 billion dollars) a year -- worth almost half the country's horticultural sector -- a Dutch newspaper reported on Saturday.

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