U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence - Clinton

MEXICO CITY, March 25 (Reuters) - An "insatiable" appetite in the United States for illegal drugs is to blame for much of the violence ripping through Mexico, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

Clinton acknowledged the U.S. role in Mexico's vicious drug war as she arrived in Mexico for a two-day visit where she discussed U.S. plans to ramp up security on the border with President Felipe Calderon.

A surge in drug gang killings to 6,300 last year and fears the violence could seep over the border has put Mexico's drug war high on President Barack Obama's agenda, after years of Mexico feeling that Washington was neglecting a joint problem.

Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom (EXCELLENT)

John Stossel's interview with Ron Paul. Ron talks about the failed War on Drugs, public perceptions , and solutions for returning to a sane policy in handling this issue.

The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal

In 2001, Portugal became the only EU-member state to decriminalize drugs, a distinction which continues through to the present. Last year, working with the Cato Institute, I went to that country in order to research the effects of the decriminalization law (which applies to all substances, including cocaine and heroin) and to interview both Portuguese and EU drug policy officials and analysts (the central EU drug policy monitoring agency is, by coincidence, based in Lisbon).

Ron Paul on Larry King debating the legalization of marijuana

Former US Drug Czar Says 'Knock Yourself Out' To Growing 'Giant Pot Plants'

General Barry McCaffrey, who served as “drug czar” under President Bill Clinton from 1996 to 2001, was asked about marijuana legalization at a February 23 panel discussion of the Council on Foreign Relations. The panel’s focus was primarily on US/Mexican relations, particularly during this period of intense prohibition-related violence. McCaffrey indicated that – now that he has left public life – he could admit that he did not care about adult marijuana use.

Granny's cannabis skin ointment really did work, new study shows

A hundred years ago, an over-the-counter cannabis extract ointment was sold as a household remedy for eczema and other allergic skin reactions, but was later withdrawn from the market as a quack product.

Now scientists in Germany have discovered that cannabis does in fact reduce the itching and swelling of allergic skin reactions and they have called for a reappraisal of granny's household remedy.

Anti-Drug Ads Can Mess With Your Mind

"Cannabis can mess with your mind." Err, yeah, isn't that one of the main reasons why people consume it, because they want their mind messed with a little? So they can see the world from a different, if slightly warped, perspective? So they can tune out some of the endless tsunamis of useless information and corporate mind-washing?

Putting Marijuana in perspective

1. Marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol.

Withdrawal: Presence and severity of characteristic withdrawal symptoms.

Reinforcement: A measure of the substance's ability, in human and animal tests, to get users to take it again and again, and in preference to other substances.

Tolerance: How much of the substance is needed to satisfy increasing cravings for it, and the level of stable need that is eventually reached.

2009 Global Marijuana March : Saturday May 2nd

135 Cities around the globe have signed up. Prohibition laws are failing for everyone. They are increasing crime and violence in our cities and relegating one of the world's most profitable and renewable agricultural products to the realm of criminals and murderers. Help renew the economy with HEMP and stop the abuse of individual liberties!

One Cop To Another: Don't Arrest Phelps for Bong Photo

"The drug war mentality is clearly behind all the fuss surrounding the Olympic swimmer and his bong hit. You and I both know there are far more important cases law enforcement should be pursuing. Burglaries, rapes, robberies, car prowls, auto thefts, domestic violence, child abuse, home invasions, carjackings. Arresting Michael Phelps would only add to the absurdity of the situation, and paint you as a grandstander."

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