CIA Agent Warns Against Chinese Trojan Horse Microchip

Robert Eringer, a CIA and FBI spook, also the man responsible for bringing American traitor Edward Lee Howard to justice, is claiming some Chinese-built systems are secretly equipped with a hidden microchip (called the 'Manchurian Microchip')that can be activated any time by China’s military intelligence services, the PLA.


Pilots threaten to strike over ID cards

The first wave of ID cards to be issued to British citizens has prompted airline pilots to threaten a strike rather than accept the documents.

(US) Feds can track cellphones without consulting providers

Documents obtained by civil liberties groups under a Freedom of Information Act request suggest that "triggerfish" technology can be used to pinpoint cell phones without involving cell phone providers at all.

Big Brother UK: Police now hold DNA 'fingerprints' of 4.5m Britons

Critics raised particular concerns over the huge rise in the number of children on the database. It now includes 150,000 under-16s..
The DNA records, which are taken regardless of whether a youngster has committed a crime or not, are held on file until the day they die.

Neuroimaging Of Brain Shows Who Spoke To A Person And What Was Said

Scientists from Maastricht University have developed a method to look into the brain of a person and read out who has spoken to him or her and what was said. With the help of neuroimaging and data mining techniques the researchers mapped the brain activity associated with the recognition of speech sounds and voices.

Government black boxes will ‘collect every email’ (UK)

Internet “black boxes” will be used to collect every email and web visit in the UK under the Government’s plans for a giant “big brother” database, The Independent has learnt.

Israel waging cyberwar against USA

FBI report states, “Israel has an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry.” A key Israeli method is computer intrusion.

How the Government Spies on and Prosecutes Peace Activists

There has been a recent national news story revolving around the Maryland State Police (MSP) spy scandal, with the MSP illegally spying on peace, death penalty, and environmental groups. A few of the defendants in this trial have also been involved in this incident, being illegally spied on by the MSP. Because of this, we were suspicious about how the Capitol Police were expecting us in the gallery on March 12.

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NZ Police want prepaid mobiles registered

Police are calling for prepaid cellphone customers to be registered on a national database to stop criminals using the phones.

Criminals are known to use the phones, which can be purchased without identification, because they believe they cannot be traced and can be disposed of easily.

Spy Pigeons Circle the World

Back in the 1960's, the CIA experimented with "Acoustic Kitty," a cat wired up to record conversations. Last year, Chinese scientists reported having implanted electrodes in a pigeon’s brain "so they can command it to fly right or left or up or down." Darpa has performed similar experiments with sharks...

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