France issues formal notice to Microsoft about Windows 10: “stop collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without their consent.”

The French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) has issued a formal notice to Microsoft regarding Windows 10 privacy and security concerns. The agency, along with the other European countries in the Article 29 working group on data privacy, have been investigating Microsoft since the release of Windows 10 last year. The CNIL has been responsible for data privacy law in France since 1978. Yesterday, CNIL Chairwoman Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin publicly served Microsoft Corporation formal notice telling them to “stop collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without their consent.”

Retired FSB general suspects Pokemon Go of spying for foreign special services

A retired major general of Russia’s domestic security service, the FSB, has told reporters that the extremely popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go and similar mobile applications could be used by special services to collect intelligence data.

“Just imagine that these ‘creatures’ appear not in some city park, but at secret installations where a conscript soldier or any other military serviceman photographs it with his camera, strictly of their own free will, without any pressure or coercion. This is an ideal scheme with which special services can collect information. And no one would even pay attention, because it’s such a trendy hobby,” retired Major General Aleksandr Mikhailov said in comments with RIA Novosti.

Agent's Testimony Shows FBI Not All That Interested In Ensuring The Integrity Of Its Forensic Evidence

Security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski has been picking apart the FBI's oral testimony on the NIT it deployed in the Matish/Playpen case. The judge presiding over that case denied Matish's suppression request for a number of reasons -- including the fact that Matish's residence in Virginia meant that Rule 41 jurisdiction rules weren't violated by the FBI's NIT warrant. Judge Morgan Jr. then went off script and suggested the FBI didn't even need to obtain a warrant to deploy a hacking tool that exposed end user computer info because computers get hacked all the time.

Pokémon Go is another mass-survellience tool?

Pokémon Go, a smartphone game developed by Niantic, is sweeping the world at the moment. Among the hype surrounding this, there has been a somewhat vocal minority claiming that the game is nothing more than a data mining tool that is being used as a means of government surveillance.

So let’s look at the facts and start with the low-level stuff that now seems to be almost run of the mill in terms of privacy concerns when it comes to smartphone apps.

U.K. Court, in David Miranda Case, Rules Terrorism Act Violates Fundamental Rights of Free Press

A BRITISH APPEALS COURT has ruled that the United Kingdom’s broad counterterrorism laws breach fundamental rights in a case involving the seizure of encrypted documents from David Miranda, the partner of Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald, at a London airport in 2013.

Miranda was detained and interrogated for nine hours at Heathrow Airport in August 2013 while he was assisting Greenwald’s reporting on documents about government mass surveillance leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Encrypt Your Phone Calling and txt/sms Messaging From Your Smart Phone Over WIFI

Governments all over the world now are run and controlled by dangerous criminals with enormous powers to place ordinary citizens under surveillance. If you are a political activist or journalist that challenges the government or exposes corruption you are especially at risk of being placed under surveillance and having your home broken into by government employed thugs like the Police.

If you own an Android Smart Phone or iPhone however there is an app you can use to encrypt your communications from your phone to make it much more difficult for the criminals in the intelligence agencies and police force to steal your communications and metadata. Messaging and calling can be encrypted and sent over the internet using your phones WIFI connection and bypassing your provider making communication free through your phone at the same time.

The app is called Signal and it is made by Open Whisper Systems:

61 agencies after warrantless access to Australian telecommunications metadata

The names of 57 agencies that are seeking to gain access to telecommunications metadata stored on Australian residents without a warrant have been released under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

The names of four agencies have been redacted, with the Attorney-General's Department (AGD) previously saying that disclosing the names of these agencies would be contrary to the public interest.

Forget fingerprints, ROUTERS could soon help police solve crimes

Fingerprints and DNA are key evidence in identifying criminals, but crime scene investigators of the future may add Wi-fi to their toolkit for tracking down lawbreakers.

If police were able seize Wi-fi devices at the scene of a crime, they could have access to vital information which could place people at the scene at the time an incident took place.

Dan Blackman, a PhD candidate at Edith Cowan University in Australia, and technical adviser to Western Australia Police, thinks police are missing out by not using this key source of information.

Why is Microsoft monitoring how long you use Windows 10?

The various privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10 have received a lot of coverage in the media, but it seems that there are ever more secrets coming to light. The Threshold 2 Update did nothing to curtail privacy invasion, and the latest Windows 10 installation figures show that Microsoft is also monitoring how long people are using the operating system.

Microsoft may be collecting more data than initially thought

Microsoft recently told the world that its new Windows 10 operating system was active on over 200 million devices, a fact that leaked a week earlier already.

The company stated that Windows 10 was its fastest growing operating system to date beating Windows 8 and even everyone's darling Windows 7 so far, and that it was seeing great adoption in retail and the Enterprise sector.

Considering that Windows 10 is offered for free currently to existing Windows users on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, it is not really a surprise that this is happening.

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