The boy with 11 tumours who was sent home to die... and survives after grandparents' alternative therapy treatments

After he developed an aggressive form of childhood cancer in 2006, Connah Broom's body came under relentless attack from the disease.

Eleven tumours spread from his neck to his knees and his case appeared hopeless.

In 2007, doctors told his family there was nothing more they could do. They said they should take him home to enjoy his final months.

But Connah's family refused to give up hope. His grandparents began treating him with alternative therapies and, remarkably, he survived.

Latest scans on Connah, now aged seven, show that ten of his 11 tumours are shrinking, have no blood flow and may be dead.

The family are preparing for new scans which they hope will reveal the last tumour is also in retreat.

His grandparents are convinced their treatments, including a strict organic diet and a daily sauna, are helping him beat his disease......