VIA REDDIT: Update from someone who lives on the strip in Vegas

You still can’t drive past Mandalay Bay or even get close.

The casinos are now checking bags & some have metal detectors etc.

Every single person I have talked to 100% thinks there was more than one shooter.

When it happened I was across the street not directly in the concert area but a guy running for his life came up to us saying his friend got shot in the face and that there were at least three shooters and they were snipers. He specifically told us that there were two on the roof and and maybe on the ground. (I understand he was in shock and maybe could have made some of this up or thought he saw more than he did but still something to consider)

Trump is here today

Also there is facial recognition software in all of the casinos not to mention there are thousands of cameras everywhere that don’t miss a beat so why are there zero videos to be released yet? Every single local is convinced that there was more than one shooter. I went to the doctor today and the doctor and two nurses even brought it up and said they don’t believe what we’re being told. I have never seen so many people go against a story the way this has happened. Especially people you would never think would question something like this and they are .....?

I was eating at Whole Foods yesterday outside talking about what happened with my friend and a random guy from Canada interrupted our conversation to tell us what he thought. And of course another person saying this is all bullshit.

Lastly my Uber driver told me his best friend works at Crystals (high end shopping area next to Aria) and that there was definitely a shooter there and that his friend & employees had to lock themselves in the back of the store because there were actual shots being fired in the building.

Oh yeah the side of Mandalay Bay that faces the highway that you can see has random windows missing which I’m sure has nothing to do with the shooting but thought I would add that if that helps anyone