I hope Team New Zealand trounce Oracle in the Americas Cup from here

Sport never features on this blog but it does right now because the way I see this Americas cup is it is actually a nation/country going up against a billionaire with more wealth than many countries and we may well bitch slap the bastards over the next few days. I hope we do.

The technology involved in these boats is pretty extraordinary and is quite the fucking spectacle. These boats are no longer sailing on the water, they are flying above it. Our little country looks to have built a boat that whips ass and we have done it on a limited budget in the face of Oracle's near limitless budget comparatively. That is impressive.

Larry Ellison is a douche and Oracle is a cunt company worthy of disrespect. I do like Jimmy Spithill however because a good troll is a good troll and he can sail a boat bloody well. Just not well enough hopefully to beat the rocket fast boat we have right now.

All that said, fuck the Americas Cup in general. If we win it we should change the rules as is the right of the winner to do so and we should make it compulsory that all teams must be nation based and if you aren't a citizen of the country your boat represents then you don't sail. That will screw over the billionaire wankers and their wanky sport and turn it into a real sport that New Zealand will likely dominate for a long time. Did I mention fuck Larry Ellison? Fuck Larry Ellison.
ALSO FUCK SKY TV, WATCH LIVE HERE FROM 5am NZ TIME: http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/539954_35th_americas_cup/