The problem is nobody gives a fuck about their community and they expect someone else to fix the problem

Shopping trolley loophole leaves Auckland Countdown responsible for rubbish dump

If you see a problem such as rubbish dumped on the street, complaining loudly is mostly a waste of time. You could always just take 10 minutes to clean it up yourself. The wider problem of course is that we have many members of our communities who just don't give a fuck. This is an illness of society. It is selfishness and a complete lack of respect for the environment and other members of your community that the rubbish just gets dumped on the streets in the first place, but there is also a complete lack of setting a good example by each and every person who simply walks past it.

We need to bring back community responsibility. This current selfish state of "Fuck you I've got mine" mentality is corroding the foundations of our country. We are seeing the symptoms of this bleeding out around us now. Bring back the sense of community responsibility. Look after yourself and those around you and we can lift ourselves communally out of the gutter. We will all go down with the ship if we don't.