Rumors, Gossip, Pizzagate, so much shit flying through the air....

I get told things, I read stuff, many things are going on and it is hard to discern the truth.
An example of this is something I heard from someone about a member of the family of a former Prime Minister of New Zealand who mysteriously resigned in an utterly surprising move once upon a time.

The rumor involved the idiot son of a former PM and his girlfriend at the time who allegedly overdosed on drugs while on holiday on an island owned by the USA sometime in 2016 resulting in emergency services rushing to save the girls life followed by very high ranking members of the cabinet of that former PM swooping in to shut down all media getting any wiff off shit like that which would cause all sorts of shit outside of the event followed by a shock resignation blah blah blah...

You just can't easily tell what is true or false any more. Rumors and gossip can destroy people even if it isn't actually true!

Even breathing word of these things can land a person in huge trouble if it is not true.

What to do???