Dear Everyone Crying and Screaming About the "Refugee Ban" in America

In particular, dear mainstream media, FUCK YOU! You stood by for nearly 2 decades while America illegally invaded several countries and bombed them back into the dark ages on the back of a massive false flag attack in 2001 that you helped to cover-up.

You were all mostly silent while Obama continued to drop thousands of bombs on innocent people and ran an assassination program with drones in multiple countries while the intelligence agencies of the West worked to destabilise and topple the governments in these countries that are now collapsing.

Why were the streets of Washington DC not blocked by screaming, rioting angry loving people in an attempt to stop the unnecessary and illegal wars and bloodshed that have caused the current refugee crisis?

All of you useless crying idiots mostly stood by while this crisis was being created over many years but now suddenly there is a new President who has temporarily shut the borders and you swine are suddenly mobilised en mass to "take action" and "stop the evil".

The mainstream media are basically a puss filled boil festering inside the ass crack of the world. Having aided and abetted the criminals who caused this crisis over the last 16 years it is only now that you suddenly turn on a President and are inciting people to rebel against the system. You are scum and worthy of much of the blame for everything that is wrong in the world today.

Everyone frantically protesting against Trump suddenly believing that he is the true evil in this situation are ignorant fools.