Popularity Whore has Cunning Plan to Get re-elected

You know it is election year when Peter Dunce begins throwing out bullshit anti or pro stances on topics he believes are popular with voters. Today he has jumped on the anti Trump train obviously believing he can snatch a few extra votes feigning disgust at the new President of the USA.

This pompous old fossil would turn on his own mother if he believed it would get him voted into parliament for another term.

It is time NZ voted shallow useless backward thinking ignoramuses like this clown out onto the streets. Notice in his open letter to Trump he brings up Muldoon as a comparison and the "record debt" Muldoon created after promising to 'rebuild our shattered economy'. Peter must be a moron to have missed the unbelievable debt New Zealand has been buried under by the government he has propped up for the last 9 years. What a fucking hypocrite.
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