John Key’s Greatest Failures as Prime Minister

I would do a top 3 greatest failures for John but his failures as PM are so numerous that it became a top 10.

Not in any particular order and right off the top of my head, here are John Key’s greatest failures as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

1. Record debt. Under Johns leadership New Zealand has been plunged into massive debt to overseas banks now pushing $100,000,000

2. TPPA. Nearly nobody wanted this sovereignty destroying agreement signed by our government but rammed it through here regardless. It is currently lying face down in the ocean.

3. Pike River. John has failed the families of the dead in Pike River and not kept his promise to get the dead men out and blocked compensation for the families of the victims.

4. Flag referendum. $26 million odd wasted on a pointless flag referendum where 2 of the 4 options to vote for were John Key’s preferred design. The options were terrible and the voters resoundingly rejected them.

5. Housing crisis. House and property values in this country have risen to such insane levels the majority of New Zealanders cannot afford to buy a house. John Key did nothing to solve this.

6. Homelessness crisis. Under John Key’s leadership homelessness has skyrocketed mainly due to the gutting of our welfare system and the housing crisis.

7. Christchurch Quake rebuild. This has been a disgrace, the city has still not recovered all these years later.

8. Kim Dotcom. Under John Key, the FBI was permitted to raid a New Zealand resident with swat teams, helicopters and machine guns after our spy agency the GCSB had conducted illegal surveillance of Dotcom. New Zealand then discovered there was mass surveillance being conducted here on behalf of the NSA and John Key continued to lie and lie about this for the rest of his term as PM.

9. Private prisons. Corruption and fraud followed after Serco was given the contracts to run many of our prisons.

10. Charter schools. These have not been going any where near as well as we were told they would. Some have shut down.