Praise Jesus, Someone Caught Christian Pastors Out Being Conniving Vote Rigging Fraudsters

Many years ago I caught a glimpse inside the inner workings of church leadership down in Christchurch NZ. I was literally gob-smacked at the time coming from a position of sitting in the pews Sundays in and out listening to my esteemed church leaders hammering scripture from the bible on right and wrong and God's way of doing things when I was able to sit in on a private meeting of multiple church leaders and witnessed first hand how they dealt with a person who decided to start his own church that they wanted to block.

Those crooks running several different churches in Christchurch did not give a single fuck about following scripture when it came to dealing with another person whom they had issue with. The meeting I sat in was more of a hanging court where the pastor goons leveled allegations and threats against the individual, attacked me for supporting him and they all looked shocked and angry when I called them out as hypocrites selling a product they themselves did not even adhere to.

People, good people, who go to church on Sunday, do home groups during the week etc would literally be horrified if they ever got a clear look inside the inner workings of their church leadership when it comes to church politics. Wolves dress in sheep clothing and they run churches. More so than the majority of good blind followers would imagine and realise.

That said, this following video resonates with me.