Protecting the "Cream Puff" Generation From Reality

Hofstra University Provides 'Trigger Warning' for Presidential Debate to protect the precious little snowflakes from hurt feelings after watching the presidential debate today.

Wrapping entitled little shits in cotton wool to protect them from ever being offended by anything is creating a generation of emotional retards unequipped to face the harsh realities of the world around them.

My brushes with so called millennials have not been so good. At the end of last year the lease ended on a flat I was living and the landlord brought a group of 6-7 young university students through the place while we were still living in it. These arrogant little snots walked in the door with their mobile phones and started snapping photos of the place with me in them without asking if I had a problem with being photographed by complete strangers in my own home. They continued on into the bedrooms and happily snapped photos of my uncomfortable flatmate as he sat on his bed in his bedroom waiting for them to leave.

It was an extremely awkward situation and illustrated the complete lack of regard many young people have for others these days. They just don't seem to give a shit about anyone but themselves. God knows where those photos ended up, probably on Facebook and then scanned by it's facial recognition algorithms complete with the phones location data. There is a generation of entitled selfish bafoons coming through in society and they will be running things in the next few years.
Get off my fucking lawn!