Chinese Authorities Demolish Tibet's Biggest Buddhist Instituition "Larung Gar"

Chinese authorities started demolishing Tibet's biggest Buddhist Instituition "Larung Gar" at Serthar County, Eastern Tibet, with an excuse that they are in process of renovating and also to reduce the number of unregistered monastics.

Chinese workers are demolishing nearly 100 to 250 houses in a day. The monastic leaders have instructed monks and lay practitioners not to protest or resist. With many dwellings already flattened to ground, the number of people affected is rising steadily. In the past six days, an estimated 600 dwellings have been torn down, with no sign that this will stop any time soon,” a local source told Radio Free Asia.

Free Tibet, a London-based charity that campaigns to end China’s control of the region, said that parts of Larung Gar academy had been destroyed. The Chinese government demanded in October that the academy reduce to 5,000 its population of 10,000 monks and nuns.