Shut Down the Streets Surrounding Sky City on February 4th When the Criminals in Government Attempt to Sign the TPPA

People of NZ, let's shut down the streets surrounding Sky City on this day. Civil Disobedience is a duty of concerned citizens when the government storms past the boundaries of right and wrong into outright treason and refuses to listen to the will of it's employers (the people). This is where we are at. 20,000 people ARM-LOCKED around Sky City is all it will take to shut this event down.

Be prepared to be blasted by water cannons unleashed on you by your own government as you peacefully stand against them.

Everyone who is opposed to this corporate takeover is obliged to actually take REAL ACTION against this.

We will need to descend on the scene of the crime very early in the morning. Lets throw everything at this everyone. It is high time the ruling class got a taste of how outnumbered they really are. Keep it non violent, let the state deal out violence against us as we stand peacefully against them.

I will be there.