7 Years of a John Key Lead National Government, 7 Years of Robbery, Economic Spin and Outright Bullshit

For the last 7 years or so we have been indoctrinated with the mantra of the mythical "Rock Star Economy" and the legend of John Key the expert currency trader/banker who is a financial genius that would lead New Zealand into a golden economic age.

I remember better days in this country. I live in the capital city Wellington. When I think back to over 7 years ago I remember this city was alive and vibrant. It was busy nearly any day or night of the week down Courtenay Place which is the main bar and entertainment strip of the city. This city had a thriving community and a great vibe.

Fast forward to today and the place is quiet. The crowds of people on the streets at night out spending money on entertainment just aren't there like they once were. The lively 'vibe' of this city is not there like it once was. John Key himself has said "Wellington is a dying city"

He would know, he has overseen the huge gutting of the public sector in this city. I have heard it said that for every single job that gets cut from the public sector, 6 other jobs are affected downstream within the economy of Wellington. It makes sense. When hundreds of jobs get axed then hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions are no longer circulating in the local economy and the hospitality industry contracts along with retail. I believe that this is what has caused Wellington to slow right down.

The Standard website summed up the economic performance of the John Key lead National government compared to the previous Labour government this way:

"The old myth that National are good managers of the economy should now be well dead and buried. By any realistic assessment of the records of the last two governments, Labour is the party of economic competence.

Labour: 9 surplus budgets, paid down net government debt to zero, established the Cullen fund, KiwiSaver, KiwiBank and emissions trading scheme, low unemployment, negotiated a successful free trade agreement with China, and so on.

National: 7 deficit budgets (so far), ran up record government debt, sold productive assets, made significant losses by cutting Cullen fund contributions, gutted the emissions scheme, got taken for a ride by Hollywood, Sky City and Rio Tinto, higher unemployment, is negotiating a disastrous TPP, and more"

Those facts pretty much nail it. The National government have successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of much of the voting public and the sold the country snake oil.

The chickens are coming home to roost now however. Unemployment is high. Record immigration is putting ever increasing pressure on job numbers and adding further fuel to the already dire housing crisis. The welfare system has been gutted and turned into a threatening and frightening tool for punishing the poor and unemployed. Homelessness has sky-rocketed and beggars line the streets in the central city. New Zealand has been screwed by it's current government and the hangover is starting hit.

I predict that 2016 will be a year of awakening for the average Kiwi person as the depression of the economy becomes to obvious to ignore. This will happen as the government ramps up it's surveillance state plans and rushes to destroy further our civil liberties and rights and handing over our sovereignty to the global corporate New World Order fascist takeover. This government is the most secretive and corrupt we have ever been the victims of. Even the compliant mainstream media is turning on them slowly as it becomes near impossible to continue distracting the public from the reality that we have been systematically robbed.

This current government never actually had an economic plan for New Zealand. They had plans to asset strip the country, run down state run businesses and systems before handing them to private corporations and effectively creating pipelines for corporations to funnel public money into private coffers. Muggins the taxpayer has been robbed in broad daylight here.