Drone Whistleblowers Have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen

Last week several brave individuals came forward to further blow the whistle on the US mass murder/assassination drone programme. They provided deeper insight to the goings on in the drone programme such as calling children that they were killing "fun sized terrorists" and drone operators being wasted on drugs while killing civilians and children.

These former drone operators have described horrific war crimes and stepped forward to inform the world of the criminal abuses happening within the drone programme.

Their lawyer announced today that these whistleblowers have now had their finances frozen by the US government including their bank accounts and credit cards. This step will effectively cripple them.

The world we live in today is a world where exposing crimes of the government will get you killed, jailed or otherwise punished without a fair trial. The world we live in today is one where governments are run and controlled by absolutely vile people who commit high crimes with impunity and who are protected by gangs of simple minded violent thugs in military or police uniforms. The message governments appear to be sending to send to everyone is "if you get in our way we will destroy you".