A Random Look at New Zealand Mainstream Media Today: NZ Herald Website Front Page

A brief summary of today's important news to inform New Zealanders of what is happening in our world as-per the NZ Heralds website front page.

NZ Herald front page of the website headlines right now we have a wide variety of "news" articles to inform the people including: An article about the All Blacks, Drag Queens amazing transformations, another rugby article, a Kardashian baby photo article, 2 lesbians arrested overseas for kissing in public, an article about reality TV, another Rugby/All Blacks article with 2 more rugby/All Blacks articles on the right of the page.

Scrolling down the page we get an article about a TV presenters bad morning followed by an article about evil Chinas one child policy with an article about John Key and the All Blacks beside it and below that an article about Taylor Swift being groped.
Below this there is another 6 articles about rugby with an article about the governments war on journalist Nicky Hager buried away in between, an article about a dress that looks like a vagina and an article about Simon Cowell.

It is not hard to see why this country is overrun with very poorly informed people. The media is broken.