Challenging the State is a Risky Business

UPDATE: 12 Hours after publishing this article and posting it to Facebook, they have issued me with notice they are terminating my account unless I provide them with copies of either my passport or drivers license. I have had this Facebook account for 7 years.

Following the revelation that the NZ Police requested and then received the private banking details of Nicky Hager without warrant or court order I got to remembering some very strange events that happened to me a few years back when openUReyes was a new and young organisation screening free documentary films to the public at a bar in the city.

Until now I have only shared these events with my close friends and I wont be publicly sharing every detail of what I experienced but I will share some of what happened to me and my then partner over a short period of time back in 2007-2008.

I was living with my girlfriend in a one bedroom flat in 2007 in Wellington when we experienced several break ins that were unusual in the fact that there were no signs of forced entry into our home and apart from on one occasion nothing was taken.

On 2 occasions I arrived home from work to find both the front and back doors left wide open and someone had turned over our drawers and searched through the place without taking anything. We always left the house locked in the mornings before going to work. We took the fact that the place was deliberately left wide open to be a message of sorts. Someone was trying to intimidate me. We chose not to report the events to the Police because as nothing was taken there was not much of a crime to report. I do not like the Police either and they certainly are not welcome at my house.

On another occasion we had recently screened the documentary film The Money Masters at a bar in the city. I had borrowed the copy of the film which was on 2 DVD's from a woman in Wellington and they had sat in a manilla envelope on a bookcase in the lounge for a couple of months before I called her to arrange to return them. Upon pulling the folder out from the bookcase and opening it I discovered one of the DVD's was now missing and the other one was still in the envelope but had been smashed into pieces. I am absolutely certain that nobody I know had either the opportunity nor motive to do this. It was very mysterious.

At this same time my girlfriend noticed one afternoon while we were both on a lunch break from work and walking about town including a visit to the library and coffee at Olive Cafe on Cuba St that someone, a male had been following us everywhere we had been for over an hour. My girlfriend was very frightened and when I made a run to take the person on he bolted off up the street before I could get near him.

Shortly after these events I suddenly developed an illness that was a consequence of the work I was doing. The seriousness of the illness meant several visits to my GP and Wellington hospital to see a specialist. An application was made to ACC for help financially that was initially rejected.

The illness worsened over a period of 4-5 months and I returned to my GP to have another go at ACC compensation and to get another referral to the specialist at Wellington hospital. As I sat with my doctor in her office she remembered my situation and went to pull my medical files from her computer. She announced somewhat surprised that my files had gone from the computer and noted that this was odd but told me not to worry as she could just pop out into another room and grab the hard copies of my medical files. She was gone for about 10 minutes and returned only to start apologising as not only were my digital files gone, all of the hard copies of my medical files had mysteriously vanished as well.

My doctor told me not to worry as she could still refer me back to the specialist at Wellington hospital without those files and began a new application to ACC.

My appointment with the specialist at the hospital was made for 2 weeks from that doctors appointment. When I arrived at the hospital 2 weeks later things took a turn into dark territory when a new specialist arrived in the waiting room at the hospital and approached me saying you are Jeremy _______ aren't you? To which I replied yes. She then told me something strange had happened. She knew who I was and knew that I had seen another specialist (who had since left the hospital) a few months earlier but told me that all of my files from the previous appointments had vanished. How is it possible for all of my medical files both digital and hard copy to vanish from both my doctors office and computer AND Wellington hospital at the same time? Following on from this a few weeks later ACC sent me a fat envelope with the files related to my compensation claim and illness. The only problem was that the files they sent me had my name on them but everything else was completely wrong and the illness mentioned in those files was nothing to do with my condition.

I called my case manager at ACC to inform her that they had sent me the wrong files and she nervously told me immediately that there was no cause for me to be alarmed as there was “nothing dodgy happening with my files” which immediately struck me as a very odd thing to say as I had made absolutely no suggestion to her that I thought there was anything dodgy going on with my files.

All of these events may possibly have simply been a chain of coincidences but I do not believe that to be case. I believe the files were all stolen. I believe that it was a deliberate measure not to simply copy the files and leave them in place so it would be unnoticed by me but instead a message was being deliberately sent to me by making it plainly obvious that all my files had been deliberately vanished from multiple places.

At this same time my girlfriend and I had decided to separate after 6 years together. She had just moved into a new flat with one other girl and I had left her in possession of my new laptop which at that time still had some important research that I was working on and hundreds of photographs related to my research. One afternoon my ex called me in tears to tell me that her new flat had been broken into and our laptop had been stolen. I rushed over to her house to console her and see the damage.

This break in was highly unusual because our laptop had been sitting in the study next to her flatmates laptop on the desk but the burglars had only stolen my laptop and left the other fairly new laptop on the desk. The burglars had also taken a big interest in my ex girlfriends bookcase that had about 20 burned CD's containing personal documents such as legal, medical, employment docs etc and also our entire personal photograph collection from the previous 6 years together.

What kind of burglar breaks into a house to specifically steal only one laptop computer whilst leaving the other and steals CD's with loads of private information and documents while ignoring all of the other valuables throughout the house? This particular break in was a forced entry and the Police were notified.

I never thought I would share these events outside of my close friends as I did not want to be accused of making up paranoid stories about myself. These events all happened and are all true. This type of thing happens in New Zealand. I believe there are agencies within this country who are either above the law or have no problem outright breaking it to harass and intimidate individuals they feel threatened by. I have some understanding of how Nicky Hagar may be feeling right now.

Some people will probably label me as paranoid and or a liar for going public about my experiences. I have not shared every unusual event that I experienced at this time and there were other disturbing events at the time that I will not go into right now. I believe that sticking your neck out in public to expose some of the rot in government and other entities is a dangerous thing to do and that I have been a victim of targeted harassment and intimidation techniques by organised forces that are capable of reaching deep into a targeted individuals personal life. There is nowhere to turn to when you experience something like this. The police can't help. In fact the Police have shown us that they are absolutely capable of this type of activity themselves.