New Zealand's government is supporting war crimes and mass murder

There appears to be a media blackout in this country of the unprecedented leak of classified information about Americas drone assassination programme.

John Key has been successfully selling Americas illegal wars to the NZ public for a while now. New revelations that we are supporting the mass murder of mostly (90%) innocent people in some US military drone strike campaigns should be cause for immediate discussion of our involvement in supporting war crimes and mass murder.

Recently John Key told us all that America is surgical and precise with it's assassination programme:

The same day that John Key said that, America bombed a civilian hospital in Afghanistan that was run by Doctors Without Borders killing 12 staff members and at least 10 patients, including three children and 37 people were injured including 19 staff members

The GCSB has provided intel for drone strikes in Afghanistan, possibly Pakistan & Yemen. The evidence is compelling that the Waihopai station is an integral part of the US War on Terror. This would mean NZ is directly involved in war crimes and mass murder, at the very least our government supports these crimes against humanity.

If the people of this country have any conscience they will demand that the government immediately end it's support for Americas OUT OF CONTROL drone assassination/mass murder programme and demand an international war crimes investigation.

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